Basic Science (MCQ) (Pages :22)

  • 631 The term biology was first coined by?

    (A) Aristotle
    (B) Darwin
    (C) Lamark
    (D) Lamark and treviranus
  • 632 The Modulus of rigidity of a liquid is?

    (A) 0
    (B) 1
    (C) Infinite
    (D) 1000
  • 633 Schiff’s reagent is?

    (A) Magenta solution decolourised with sulphurous acid
    (B) Magendta solution decolourised with chlorine
    (C) Ammoniacla cobalt chloride solution
    (D) Ammonical manganese sulphate solution
  • 634 Modern periodic law had been given by?

    (A) Moseley
    (B) Mendeleev
    (C) Lother-mayer
    (D) Lavoisier
  • 635 When the temperature is gradually decreased the specific heat of a substance is?

    (A) Decreased
    (B) Increased
    (C) Remain unchanged
    (D) None of these
  • 636 Wollen clothes keep the body warm because?

    (A) Wool increases the temperature of the body
    (B) Wool is the bad conductor of the heat so it does not allow heat to flow out of the body
    (C) Wooll absorbs radiant heat from outer objects
    (D) Wool rejects heat from outer objects
  • 637 Which one of the following is correctly matched?

    (A) Aerosol-smoke
    (B) Foam-mist
    (C) Emulsion-curd
    (D) All of these
  • 638 Who is know as father of Biology?

    (A) Aristotle
    (B) Darwin
    (C) Lamark
    (D) Purkenja

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