Basic Science (MCQ) (Pages :22)

  • 121 The correct value of 00C on the Kelvin scale is?

    (A) 273K
    (B) 27.315K
    (C) 275.15K
    (D) 270K
  • 122 The science related with the study of living–?

    (A) Physics
    (B) Chemistry
    (C) Biology
    (D) Mathematics
  • 123 How can boiling point of a liquid be reduced?

    (A) By adding a solid of lower melting point
    (B) By dissolving a soluble solid in it
    (C) By increasing the pressure on the liquid
    (D) By decreasing the pressure on the liquid
  • 124 Heat is associated with?

    (A) K.E of random motion of molecules
    (B) K.E. of orderly motion of molecules
    (C) Total K.E of random and orderly motion of molecules
    (D) None of these
  • 125 The velocity of photo electron emitted in photoelectric effect depends only on?

    (A) The frequency and intensity of incident light
    (B) The frequency of incident light
    (C) Both a and b
    (D) The wave length of incident light
  • 126 Which one of the following elements is the poorest conductor of heat?

    (A) Sodium
    (B) Lead
    (C) Zinc
    (D) Mercury
  • 127 A liquid boils at a temperature at which its saturated vapour pressure becomes?

    (A) Equal to the atmospheric pressure
    (B) Twice the atmospheric pressure
    (C) Half the atmospheric pressure
    (D) Noen of these
  • 128 Pyrethrine used in mosquito coil is obtained from?

    (A) Fungi
    (B) Monocotyledonous plant
    (C) From an insect
    (D) From bacteria
  • 129 The term biology is derived from the language –?

    (A) French
    (B) Latin
    (C) Purthgali
    (D) Greek
  • 130 Name of bactria which cause tuberculosis?

    (A) Mycobacterium tuberculosis
    (B) Vibrio cholrae
    (C) Bacillus coli
    (D) Escherichia coli
  • 131 Metal, which form colored chloride is?

    (A) Al
    (B) Cr
    (C) Sn
    (D) Zn
  • 132 When a fluid passes through the constricted part of a pipe its?

    (A) Velocity and pressure decrease
    (B) Velocity and pressure increase
    (C) Velocity decreases and pressure increases
    (D) Velocity increases and pressure decreases
  • 133 A non-electronic conductor is?

    (A) Iron
    (B) Gas carbon
    (C) Copper sulphate
    (D) Mercury
  • 134 Penicillum is a?

    (A) Virus
    (B) Algae
    (C) Fungi
    (D) Bacteria
  • 135 In nuclear reactor, chain reaction is controlled by introducing?

    (A) Cadmium rod
    (B) Iron rod Mixed Quiz For Railway
    (C) Platinum rod
    (D) Graphite rod
  • 136 The I.C Chip used in a computer is made up of_______.?

    (A) Silicon
    (B) Chromium
    (C) Gold
    (D) Lead
  • 137 Branch of biology in which we study about cultivation?

    (A) Phenology
    (B) Floriculture
    (C) Agronomy
    (D) Botany
  • 138 The speed of light with the rise in the temperature of the medium?

    (A) Increases
    (B) Decreases
    (C) Remains unaltered
    (D) Drops suddenly
  • 139 An ideal gas is one which obeys?

    (A) Gaslaws
    (B) Boyle’s laws
    (C) Charle’s law
    (D) Avogadro’s law
  • 140 Water is usual as coolant in the radiator of a car engine because it?

    (A) Has low density
    (B) Has high specific heat
    (C) Has low boiling point
    (D) Is eassily available
  • 141 Parsec is a unit of_______.?

    (A) Pressure
    (B) Astronomical distance
    (C) Time
    (D) Energy
  • 142 The wavelength of the matter waves is independent of?

    (A) Charge
    (B) Momentum
    (C) Velocity
    (D) Mass
  • 143 In whole body mass the percentsge of blood is?

    (A) 8%
    (B) 9%
    (C) 10%
    (D) 11%
  • 144 During melting process the beat given to a body is utilised an open pan and allowed to evaporate. After somtims the temperature of water?

    (A) Decrease slightly
    (B) Increases slightly
    (C) Remains unchanged
    (D) None of these
  • 145 When lake starts freezing the formation of the ice will start first at the?

    (A) Bottom
    (B) Middle
    (C) Top
    (D) None of these
  • 146 Benzene is a polymer of?

    (A) Methane
    (B) Acetylene
    (C) Ethane
    (D) Ethylene
  • 147 Water solution base is called?

    (A) Acid
    (B) Salt
    (C) Alkali
    (D) None
  • 148 The disease filarial is caused by …….?

    (A) Ascaris
    (B) Wuchereria bancrafti
    (C) Plasmodium
    (D) Tenia solium
  • 149 Pick out the only scalar quantity?

    (A) Power
    (B) Electric field
    (C) Magnetic momentum
    (D) Average velocity
  • 150 The value of g on the earth’s surface changes due to?

    (A) Both rotation and shape of the earth
    (B) Rotation of the earth only
    (C) Shape of the earth only
    (D) None of the above

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