Basic Science (MCQ) (Pages :22)

  • 151 When an object is heated, the molecules of that object?

    (A) Began to move faster
    (B) Lose energy
    (C) Become heavier
    (D) Become lighter
  • 152 Paraffin dissolves in?

    (A) Distilled water
    (B) Methanol
    (C) Benzene
    (D) Salt water
  • 153 How many moles are there in 140 g of Si(atomic mass of silicon is 28)?

    (A) 5
    (B) 10
    (C) 28
    (D) 140
  • 154 A plastic Bakelite is a compound of HCHO with?

    (A) Benzene
    (B) Phenol
    (C) Ammonia
    (D) Hydrocarbon
  • 155 Symbiotic association of mycorrhiza is between?

    (A) Algae & bryophytes
    (B) Fungi and root of higher plant
    (C) Algae & root of gymnosperm
    (D) Algae & fungi
  • 156 Definition of force comes from newtons?

    (A) First law of motion
    (B) Second law motion
    (C) Third law motion
    (D) Law of gravitation
  • 157 Formaline is the commercial name of?

    (A) Formic acid
    (B) Fluoroform
    (C) 40% aqueous solution of methanol
    (D) Paraformaldehyde
  • 158 Which one among the following is the sweetest natural sugar??

    (A) Glucose
    (B) Fructose
    (C) Lactose
    (D) Sucrose
  • 159 Coefficient of linear expansion always …….. with the increase in temperature?

    (A) Increase
    (B) Decrease
    (C) Remains
    (D) Doubles itself
  • 160 Which of the following substances has greatest specific heat?

    (A) Iron
    (B) Water
    (C) Copper
    (D) Mercury
  • 161 Fleming’s right-hand rule gives?

    (A) The magnitude of the induced emf
    (B) The magnitude of the magnetic field
    (C) The direction of the induced emf
    (D) None of these
  • 162 Relation between the colour and the temperature of a star is given by?

    (A) Wean’s displacement law
    (B) Planck/s law
    (C) Hubble’s law
    (D) Hippacrus rule
  • 163 Matter waves are?

    (A) Transverse waves
    (B) Longitudinal waves
    (C) De Broglie wave
    (D) Electromagnetic waves
  • 164 The chemical name of hypo commonly used in photography is?

    (A) Sodium thiosulphate
    (B) Silver nitrate
    (C) Sodium nitrate
    (D) Silver iodide
  • 165 SI unit of temperature is?

    (A) Kelvin
    (B) Celsius
    (C) Fahrenheit
    (D) Joule
  • 166 Which among the following is the surface to surface missile that is made in India?

    (A) Dharti
    (B) Akash
    (C) Prithivi
    (D) Naag
  • 167 The bicatalysts are?

    (A) Enzymes
    (B) Minerals
    (C) Plants
    (D) All proteins
  • 168 When an object is heated, the molecules of that object?

    (A) Began to move faster
    (B) Lose energy
    (C) Become heavier
    (D) Become lighter
  • 169 If the central portion of a convex lens is wrapped in black paper as shown in the figure?

    (A) No image will be formed by the remaining portion of the lens
    (B) Full image will be formed but it will be less bright
    (C) The central portion of the image will be missing
    (D) None of these
  • 170 SI unit of luminious intensity is:?

    (A) Lumen
    (B) Lux
    (C) Candela
    (D) Watt
  • 171 Which elements are arranged in increasing order of atomic weight, every eighth element has properties similar to the first this law had been given by?

    (A) Moseley
    (B) Dobereiner
    (C) Newland
    (D) Lother-mayer
  • 172 Fehling’s solution is?

    (A) Acidified copper sulphate solution
    (B) Ammoniacal cuprous chloride solution
    (C) Copper sulphate and Rochelle salt +NaoH
    (D) None of these
  • 173 In nuclear fission the percentage of mass converted into energy is about?

    (A) 10%
    (B) 0.01%
    (C) 0.1%
    (D) 1%
  • 174 When water is heated from 0o Celsius to 100o Celsius, the volume of water?

    (A) Increase gradually
    (B) Degrease gradually
    (C) First increase; then decrease
    (D) First decrease ; then increase
  • 175 Thermal radiations are electromagnetic wave belonging to?

    (A) Ultraviolet
    (B) Visible region
    (C) Gamma region
    (D) Infrared region
  • 176 During the process of electrolytic refining of copper some metals present as impurity settle as anode mud these are?

    (A) Pb and Zn
    (B) Ag and Au
    (C) Sn and Ag
    (D) Fe and Ni
  • 177 The polarization of the electromagnetic wave is in?

    (A) The direction of electric and magnetic field
    (B) The direction of electric field
    (C) The direction of magnetic field
    (D) None of the above
  • 178 Which of the following is most elastic?

    (A) Rubber
    (B) Wet clay
    (C) Steel
    (D) Plastic
  • 179 A motor converts?

    (A) Mechanical energy into electrical energy
    (B) Mechanical energy into sound energy
    (C) Electrical energy into mechanical energy
    (D) None of these
  • 180 Positive ions are formed from neutral atoms by loss of?

    (A) Neutrons
    (B) Protons
    (C) Nuclear charge
    (D) Electrons

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