Basic Science (MCQ) (Pages :22)

  • 181 Chlorine is mixed in water so that?

    (A) Bacteria are killed
    (B) dirt is removed
    (C) water is cleaned
    (D) suspension is removed
  • 182 Persistence of vision is the principle behind?

    (A) Camera
    (B) spectroscope
    (C) Cinema
    (D) Periscope
  • 183 Which one of the following is not radioactive?

    (A) Astatine
    (B) Francium
    (C) Tritium
    (D) Zirconium
  • 184 Energy generation in stars is mainly due to?

    (A) Chemical reaction
    (B) Fission of heavy nuclel
    (C) Fusion of light nuclei
    (D) Fusion of heavy nuclei
  • 185 The intensity of a magnetic field is defined as the force experienced by a?

    (A) Standard compass
    (B) Unit positive charge
    (C) Unit negative charge
    (D) Unit north pole
  • 186 The rate of diffusion of a gas is?

    (A) Directly proportional to its density
    (B) Directly proportional to its molecular mass
    (C) Directly proportional to the square of its molecular mass
    (D) Inversely proportional to the square root of its molecular mass
  • 187 In which mode of transmission, the heat waves travel along the straight line with the speed of light?

    (A) Began to move faster
    (B) Lose energy
    (C) Become heavier
    (D) Become lighter
  • 188 The process in which no heat enters or leaves the system in termed as?

    (A) Isochoric
    (B) Isobaric
    (C) Isotherma
    (D) Adiabatic
  • 189 Ampere-hour is the unit of which among the following?

    (A) Power
    (B) Energy
    (C) Intensity of current
    (D) Amount of charge
  • 190 Which of the following may be used as food preservative??

    (A) Benzene
    (B) Sodium benozte
    (C) Toluene
    (D) Sodium meta-aluminate
  • 191 The name catalysis was given by?

    (A) Rutherford
    (B) Langmuir
    (C) Grahm
    (D) Berzelius
  • 192 As we go from the equator to the poles, the value of g?

    (A) Remains the same
    (B) Increases
    (C) Decreases
    (D) None of these
  • 193 Which metal is commonly used for making an electromagnet?

    (A) Copper
    (B) Iron
    (C) Nickel
    (D) Cobalt
  • 194 The Period of revolution round the sun is maximum by which among the following planets?

    (A) Mercury
    (B) Venus
    (C) Earth
    (D) Mars
  • 195 Hydrogen bomb is based on the principle of?

    (A) Nuclear fission
    (B) Nuclear fusion
    (C) Natural radioactivity
    (D) Artificial radioactivity
  • 196 The purification of alumina is done by?

    (A) Baeyer’s process
    (B) Hoop’s process
    (C) Vaporization
    (D) Crystallization
  • 197 In nuclear fission, the percentage of mass converted into energy is about?

    (A) 10%
    (B) 0.01%
    (C) 0.1%
    (D) 1%
  • 198 Mycology is the branch of botany in which we study about–?

    (A) Algae
    (B) Fungi
    (C) Bacteria
    (D) Virus
  • 199 Aristotle is not known as –?

    (A) Father of Biology
    (B) Father of Zoology
    (C) Founder of Embryology
    (D) Father of Botany
  • 200 Oxidation state of iron in hemoglobin is?

    (A) +2
    (B) +3
    (C) 0
    (D) -2
  • 201 Branch of biology in which we study about relationship between living and their environment.?

    (A) Physiology
    (B) Genetics
    (C) Ecology
    (D) Geology
  • 202 Knocking sound is produced in the engine when the fuel contains?

    (A) Water
    (B) Lubricating oil
    (C) Straight-chained hydrocarbon
    (D) Iso-carbon atoms
  • 203 At constant temperature and pressure the voume of a gas is directly proportional to the number of molecule this law had been given by?

    (A) Boyls
    (B) Charle
    (C) Avogadro
    (D) None
  • 204 Erg sec is the unit of?

    (A) Angular momentum
    (B) Linear momentum
    (C) Planck’s constant
    (D) Energy
  • 205 Lightning conductors are made up of _________.?

    (A) Iron
    (B) Aluminium
    (C) Copper
    (D) Steel
  • 206 The difference between a nuclear reactor and atomic bomb is that?

    (A) No chain reaction takes place in nuclear reactor while in the atomic bomb there is ac chain reaction
    (B) The chain reaction in nuclear reactor is controlled
    (C) The chain reaction in nuclear reactor is not controlled
    (D) No – chain reaction takes place in atomic bomb while it take place in nuclear reactor
  • 207 Study of Mollusca?

    (A) Oncology
    (B) Herpetology
    (C) Malacology
    (D) Saurology
  • 208 X-rays are streams of?

    (A) Electrons
    (B) Photons
    (C) Protons
    (D) None
  • 209 Who among the following gave first the experimental value of G?

    (A) Newton
    (B) Cavendish
    (C) Galileo
    (D) None of these
  • 210 Which of the following is most volatile??

    (A) P- nitrophenol
    (B) M- nitrophenol
    (C) O-nitrophenol
    (D) all of these

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