Basic Science (Objective) (Pages :27)

  • 751 Light year is a measurement of?

    Ans : Stellar distances
  • 752 Very small time intervals are accurately measure by?

    Ans : Atomic clocks
  • 753 One kilometre is equal to how many miles?

    Ans : 0.62
  • 754 kilohertz is a unit which measures?

    Ans : Electromagnetic radio wave frequencies
  • 755 One horse power is equal to?

    Ans : 746 watts
  • 756 'Bar' is the unit of?

    Ans : Atmospheric pressure
  • 757 One Joule is equal to?

    Ans : 107 ergs
  • 758 Kilowatt is a unit to measure?

    Ans : Power
  • 759 Electric current is measure by?

    Ans : Ammeter
  • 760 A chronometer measures?

    Ans : Time
  • 761 Nautical mile is a unit of distance used in?

    Ans : Navigation
  • 762 Which is used as a moderator in nuclear reactor?

    Ans : Graphite
  • 763 Atoms are composed of?

    Ans : Electrons and nuclei
  • 764 In an atomic explosion, enormous energy is released which is due to?

    Ans : Conversion of mass into energy
  • 765 Isotopes are separated by?

    Ans : Distillation
  • 766 The wavelength of X-rays is of the order of?

    Ans : 1 angstrom
  • 767 Mesons are found in?

    Ans : Cosmic rays
  • 768 Which radioactive pollutant has recently drawn to public, due to its occurrence in the building material?

    Ans : Thorium
  • 769 What is the wavelength of visible spectrum?

    Ans : 3900 - 7600 angstrom
  • 770 The isotope of uranium capable of sustaining chain reaction is?

    Ans : U-235
  • 771 The age of most ancient geological formations is estimated by?

    Ans : Uranium - lead method
  • 772 Who suggested that most of the mass of the atom is located in the nucleus?

    Ans : Rutherford
  • 773 The dark lines in the solar spectrum are due to?

    Ans : Absorption of corresponding wavelengths by the outer layers of the sun
  • 774 In an atomic nucleus, neutrons and protons are held together by?

    Ans : Exchange forces
  • 775 'No two electrons in an atom can have the same set of four quantum numbers' is?

    Ans : Pauli's exclusion principle
  • 776 According to Avogadro's Hypothesis, the smallest particle of an element or a compound, that can exist independently, is called ____ .?

    Ans : A molecule
  • 777 Atoms of an element differ from those of all other elements in?

    Ans : Atomic number and electronic configuration
  • 778 Nuclear fission is caused by the impact of?

    Ans : Neutron
  • 779 How many colours the sunlight spectrum has?

    Ans : Seven
  • 780 Which is/are the important raw material(s) required in cement industry?

    Ans : Limestone and Clay

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