Basic Science (Objective) (Pages :27)

  • 91 Name the first known Personal Computer?

    Ans : The Altair (1975)
  • 92 First generation electronic computers were built with?

    Ans : Vacuum tubes.
  • 93 The second generation computers were built with ?

    Ans : Semiconductors.
  • 94 The third generation computers were built with?

    Ans : Integrated circuits.
  • 95 The fourth generation computer use ?

    Ans : Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) normally called 'Miracle Chips'.
  • 96 The fifth generation computers (present day)use ?

    Ans : Artificial Intelligence.
  • 97 The first electronic computer which could store programs in the memory 'EDVAC' (Electronics Discrete Variable Computer) was invented by ?

    Ans : John Von Neumann in 1945
  • 98 Who invented the Compact Disc?

    Ans : James T. Russell
  • 99 Name the first digital computer designed by Howard Alken?

    Ans : 'Harvard Mark l
  • 100 Name of the National School Computerisation Programme is ?

    Ans : Vidya Vahini.
  • 101 Which is the first state to introduce e-mail system in Govt. Office?

    Ans : Goa
  • 102 The first IT Park in the Private Sector in Kera1a is ?

    Ans : The Muthoot Technopolis.
  • 103 Name computer literacy programme launched in Malappuram District in Kerala?

    Ans : Akshaya Project
  • 104 Name the first Super computer made by Seymour Cray, the father of super computer?

    Ans : UNIVAC 1103
  • 105 Who is the founder of Twitter ?

    Ans : Ivan Williams
  • 106 Who is the founder of Facebook?

    Ans : Mark Zukerberg
  • 107 'Java' programming languages is developed by ?

    Ans : James Gosling
  • 108 The acronym DBMS stands for what?

    Ans : Data Based Management System
  • 109 Data that is copied from an application is stored in the ?

    Ans : Clipboard
  • 110 A person who used his or her expertise to gain access to other computers to get information illegally or to do damage is called ?

    Ans : Hacker
  • 111 What is correcting errors in a program is called?

    Ans : Debugging
  • 112 Alpha-keratin is a protein present in which thing?

    Ans : Wool
  • 113 Which of the following is used as ‘a moderator in nuclear reactor?

    Ans : Graphite
  • 114 Which planet looks reddish in the night sky?

    Ans : Mars
  • 115 In 1610, Galileo Galilei discovered four moons of which planet?

    Ans : Jupiter
  • 116 Which element that does not occur in nature but can be produced artificially?

    Ans : Plutonium
  • 117 Which can be used for biological control of mosquitoes?

    Ans : Gambusia
  • 118 In which technology do Cryogenic engines find applications?

    Ans : Rocket technology
  • 119 Which instrument used for finding out wind-direction?

    Ans : wind vane
  • 120 Which vitamin is considered to be a hormone?

    Ans : D

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