Biology (Objective) (Pages :32)

  • 61 Name a plant that forms seeds but no fruits?

    Ans : Pinus
  • 62 What are Kelps?

    Ans : Kelps are large sea weeds
  • 63 Write an example of an epiphyte?

    Ans : Vanda
  • 64 Write an example of annuals?

    Ans : Wheat; rice
  • 65 Write an example of Hydrophytes?

    Ans : Hydrilla; Water lily; Lotus; Water Hyacinth
  • 66 Write an example of Mesophytes?

    Ans : Cassia fistula; China Rose; Sunflower
  • 67 Which is the tallest tree?

    Ans : Redwood Sequoia
  • 68 The process of developing new and improved varieties of plants?

    Ans : Plant breeding
  • 69 The process of removing anther from a bisexual flower?

    Ans : Emasculation
  • 70 The central plantation crops Research Institute is in?

    Ans : Kasargod
  • 71 Where is the hybrid sugarcane centre situated?

    Ans : Coimbatore
  • 72 The pepper research station is in?

    Ans : Kannur (Panniyur)
  • 73 The modern techniques adopted for the improvement of plants?

    Ans : Hybridisation and mutation
  • 74 What is phagocytosis?

    Ans : Engulfing of solid food or foreign particles by the cell
  • 75 Where was IUCN started?

    Ans : Switzerland
  • 76 Which is the first link of a food chain?

    Ans : Producer or green plants
  • 77 The whole living world on the earth's surface is called?

    Ans : Biosphere
  • 78 The biggest flower in the plant kingdom is?

    Ans : Rafflesia.
  • 79 What are biotic factors?

    Ans : Biotic factors include plants; animals; human beings and all other living organisms
  • 80 What is a protozoa?

    Ans : It is unicellular organism
  • 81 The wall of a plant cell is made up of?

    Ans : Cellulose
  • 82 What do you know about Fucus?

    Ans : Fucus is a large brown seaweed
  • 83 What are Angiosperms?

    Ans : They are flowering plants
  • 84 Which is the plant that stores food in its leaves?

    Ans : Cabbage
  • 85 What is the name of the disease caused by the lack of iron in plants?

    Ans : Chlorosis
  • 86 Which one is commonly known as "Band Silk"?

    Ans : Spirogyra
  • 87 What is fertilization?

    Ans : It means fusion of the nuclei of male and female gametes
  • 88 Where is National Botanical Garden situated?

    Ans : Lucknow
  • 89 Cricket bats are made up of the wood of one tree. What is its name?

    Ans : Willow
  • 90 What is the method by which plants absorb mineral salts?

    Ans : They absorb mineral salts through osmosis

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