Biology (Objective) (Pages :32)

  • 121 Largest flower in the world?

    Ans : Rafflesia
  • 122 Fastest growing plants are?

    Ans : Bambusa
  • 123 Fastest growing tree is?

    Ans : Albizia falcata
  • 124 Largest trees in plant world is?

    Ans : Conifers
  • 125 Oldest living plant of the world is?

    Ans : Pinus
  • 126 Largest Leaf is?

    Ans : Victoria regia
  • 127 Smallest seed is?

    Ans : Orchid seed
  • 128 National fruit of India?

    Ans : Mango
  • 129 Name a flower which is used as food?

    Ans : Cauliflower
  • 130 An example of Tuber crop?

    Ans : Potato
  • 131 The gaseous exchange in plants take place through?

    Ans : Stomata
  • 132 Full form of DNA?

    Ans : Deoxy ribonucleic acid
  • 133 Full form of RNA?

    Ans : Ribonucleic acid
  • 134 DNA is associated with highly basic proteins called?

    Ans : Histones
  • 135 What are insectivorous plants?

    Ans : Plants that trap insects and other small creatures for food. eg : Nepenthes; Sundew
  • 136 Which part of the Vanilla planlifolia is used as vanilla; a flavouring material?

    Ans : Fruit of vanilla orchid
  • 137 The symptom necrosis is due to the deficiency of?

    Ans : Iron
  • 138 Dispersal of seed by ant is called?

    Ans : Myrmecochory
  • 139 Which is called blue print of information?

    Ans : DNA
  • 140 How are the populations of different species kept under check?

    Ans : By food chain
  • 141 Which is the smallest angiosperm?

    Ans : Wolffia arrhiza
  • 142 What are seedless plants called?

    Ans : Cryptogams
  • 143 Expand the term TMV?

    Ans : Tobacco Mosaic Virus
  • 144 Name the process by which plants prepare their food?

    Ans : Photosynthesis
  • 145 What is the other name of root cap?

    Ans : Calyptra
  • 146 What are Heliophytes and Sciophytes?

    Ans : Heliophytes are plants that grow in full sunlight; Sciophytes are plants that grow in shade CLASSIFICATION
  • 147 The process of grouping of any thing into convenient catagories based on some easily observable characters is known as .......?

    Ans : Classification
  • 148 The scientific term for a particular classified group is?

    Ans : Taxa
  • 149 The process of classifying organisms into different taxa is known as?

    Ans : Taxonomy
  • 150 The scientific naming of an organism is known as?

    Ans : Nomenclature

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- Charles Spurgeon
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