Biology (Objective) (Pages :32)

  • 151 Which provide the basic principles and criteria for plant nomenclature?

    Ans : ICBN (International Code for Botanical Nomenclature)
  • 152 The scientific name of an organism has two components. Which are they?

    Ans : Generic name and specific name
  • 153 The system of providing scientific name with two components is called?

    Ans : Bionomial nomenclature
  • 154 The System of Binomial nomenclature was introduced by?

    Ans : Carlous Linnaeus
  • 155 The ultimate unit of classification is?

    Ans : Species
  • 156 The store house of dried; pressed and preserved plant specimens is known as?

    Ans : Herbarium
  • 157 Who proposed the two kingdom classification of organisms?

    Ans : Linnaeus
  • 158 The five kingdom classification is given by?

    Ans : R.H. Whittaker
  • 159 The ‘red tide’ of the sea is caused by the rapid multiplication of which algae?

    Ans : Red dinolagellates (Eg. Gonyaulax)
  • 160 The five kingdoms of Whittaker’s classifications are?

    Ans : Kingdom Monera; Kingdom Protista; Kingdom Fungi; Kingdom Plantae; Kingdom Animalia
  • 161 Which algae is used as food supplement by space travellers?

    Ans : Spirullina
  • 162 Naked seed producing plants are called?

    Ans : Gymnosperms
  • 163 The flowering plants are called?

    Ans : Angiosperms
  • 164 The formation of fruit without fertilisation is known as?

    Ans : parthenocarpy
  • 165 Plant that grow in a dry habitat are called?

    Ans : Xerophytes
  • 166 Plants that live for many years are called?

    Ans : perennials
  • 167 Embryo with two cotyledons are called?

    Ans : Dicotyledons
  • 168 Who propounded five kingdom classification?

    Ans : R.H. Whittaker
  • 169 The prokaryotic cells are included in the class?

    Ans : Monera
  • 170 Name the multicellular marine plant?

    Ans : Rhodophyta (Red algae)
  • 171 The Xanthophyll pigment in the phaeophyta is?

    Ans : fucoxanthin
  • 172 In Bryophyta the thallus like plant body is attached to the soil by?

    Ans : rhizoids
  • 173 Name the multicellular terrestrial plant with vascular tissues?

    Ans : Lycodophyta
  • 174 Plants that grow in acidic soil?

    Ans : Oxylophytes
  • 175 Plants that grow in water are called as?

    Ans : hydrophytes
  • 176 Plants that grows on rocks?

    Ans : Lithophytes
  • 177 Which is the most advanced flowering plants?

    Ans : Angiosperms
  • 178 Plants which grow in soil?

    Ans : Terrestrial plants
  • 179 The primary producers in nature are?

    Ans : Plants
  • 180 Plants that grow in saline water are called?

    Ans : Halophytes

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