Biology (Objective) (Pages :32)

  • 181 What are conifers?

    Ans : The multicellular plants with well developed tissue. Its leaves are simple; smaller and needle like eg : cedrus; pine
  • 182 What are the two classes of flowering plants?

    Ans : They are Monocotyledons or Monocots and Dicotyledons or Dicots CELL
  • 183 The fundamental structural and functional unit of all living organisms is?

    Ans : Cell
  • 184 The cell was first observed by?

    Ans : Robert Hooke
  • 185 The cell theory was formulated by a german botanist and a british zoologist. Who are they?

    Ans : The German botanist is Matthias Schleiden and The British Zoologist is Theodore Schwann. They proposed that “the bodies of animals and plants are composed of cells and products of cells”
  • 186 Name the scientist who modified cell theory by giving the postulate “Omnis cellula-e- cellula”?

    Ans : Rudolf Virchow He states that all cells arise from pre-existing cells through cell division.
  • 187 Which are the two types of cells?

    Ans : Eukaryotic cell and Prokaryotic cell
  • 188 Which are the important cell organelles?

    Ans : Endoplasmic reticulum; Mitochondria; Golgic complex; Lysosome; Microbodies; Vacuoles; and Ribosomes
  • 189 Name the non -membrane bound cell organelle which is present in both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell?

    Ans : Ribosomes
  • 190 The smallest cell is?

    Ans : Mycoplasmas /PPLO. (Pluro Pneumonia like Organisms) (0.3 m in length)
  • 191 The largest isolated single cell is?

    Ans : The egg of Ostrich
  • 192 Which cell organelle is known as “skeletal system of the cell”?

    Ans : Endoplasmic reticulum
  • 193 Which cell organelle is called “power house of the cell”?

    Ans : Mitochondria Which cell organelle is called “the suicidal bags”?
  • 194 In all cells the cytoplasm is externally bounded by a semi - permeable membrane. It is known as ..............?

    Ans : Cell membrane/Plasma membrane
  • 195 Name the microbodies which are known as enzyme bags?

    Ans : Peroxisomes and glyoxysomes
  • 196 The membrane bound space in the cytoplasm is known as?

    Ans : Vacuole
  • 197 The vacuole is bounded by a single membrane called?

    Ans : Tonoplast
  • 198 The small hair like outgrowths of the cell membrane is known as?

    Ans : Cilia
  • 199 Comparatively longer hair like outgrowths of the plasma membrane is?

    Ans : Flagella
  • 200 Nucleus of the cell was discovered by?

    Ans : Robert Brown
  • 201 The semi-fluid substance inside the nuclear membrane is called?

    Ans : nucleoplasm or karyolymph
  • 202 The spherical body made up of proteins; rRNAs and r DNAs is found inside the nucleus. It is known as?

    Ans : Nucleolus
  • 203 Numerous thread like structures which forms the skeleton of the nucleus; is known as?

    Ans : Chromatin network
  • 204 Nucleus contains?

    Ans : Nuclearmembrane; Nucleoplasm; Nucleolus; Chromatin threads
  • 205 Who discovered Micro Organism?

    Ans : Anton Van Leeuwenhoek (1675)
  • 206 First microscope was designed by?

    Ans : Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
  • 207 Who observed Bacteria at first?

    Ans : Anton van Leeuwenhoek (1676).
  • 208 Name the scientist who discoved the chromosomes during cell division?

    Ans : Strasburger
  • 209 The organism carrying highest number of chromosomes is a pteridophyte. It is known as ......?

    Ans : Ophioglossum regalis (1262)
  • 210 Robert Hooke who discovered cell; published his findings in .......?

    Ans : Micrographia CELL DIVISION

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