Biology (MCQ) (Pages :18)

  • 31 The heart beat rate of elephant per minute?

    (A) 120
    (B) 140
    (C) 72
    (D) 25
  • 32 Nitrogen base found in RNA?

    (A) Thymin
    (B) Guanin
    (C) Urasil
    (D) Adinin
  • 33 Hypoxia is a phenomenon that occurs in?

    (A) Stratosphere
    (B) Human body
    (C) Aquatic environment
    (D) None of these
  • 34 Fire fly gives us cold light by virtue of its?

    (A) Flourescence
    (B) Phosphorescence
    (C) Effervescence
    (D) Chemiluminescence
  • 35 The nearest ancestor of man is?

    (A) Peking man
    (B) Java Man
    (C) Cro-Magnon man
    (D) Neaderthal man
  • 36 H1N1 Virus is associated with?

    (A) Chikunguniya
    (B) Swine Flu
    (C) Avian Flu
    (D) Dengue Fever
  • 37 Birds can able to recognize their home through?

    (A) Memory
    (B) Smell
    (C) Eye sight
    (D) Orientation of Magnetic field
  • 38 World Wild Life Week is observed on?

    (A) First week of Septermber
    (B) ) First week of October
    (C) ) First week of November
    (D) ) First week of July
  • 39 Red Data Book provides data on?

    (A) Red flowered plants
    (B) Red coloured fish
    (C) Endangered plants and animals
    (D) Red coloured insects
  • 40 Ailurophobia is the unnecessary fear of?

    (A) Rat
    (B) Insects
    (C) Cat
    (D) Dog
  • 41 Pasteurisation of milk is?

    (A) Heating to 62 degree C
    (B) Heating to 100 degree C
    (C) Cooling to -4 degree C
    (D) Cooling to 0 degree C
  • 42 Which of the following is a biologically incompatible marriage?

    (A) Rh+man and Rh- woman
    (B) Rh-man and Rh+ woman
    (C) Rh+man and Rh+ woman
    (D) Rh-man and Rh- woman
  • 43 Who is called as ‘the father of first aid’?

    (A) Pravas
    (B) Hippocrates
    (C) Lug Mongier
    (D) Dr. Ismark
  • 44 AIDS virus has?

    (A) Single stranded DNA
    (B) Double stranded DNA
    (C) Single stranded RNA
    (D) Double stranded RNA
  • 45 Colour blindness can be removed by using?

    (A) Convex lens
    (B) Concave lens
    (C) Cylindrical lens
    (D) None of these
  • 46 The vector that transmits Chikunguniya?

    (A) Anopheles
    (B) Aedes aegypti
    (C) Mansonoides
    (D) None of these
  • 47 The scientist who discovered the virus causing Chikun Guniya?

    (A) Louis Pasteur
    (B) William Kirk
    (C) Christian Bernard
    (D) W. H. R. Lumsden
  • 48 World AIDS Day has been observed since?

    (A) 1991
    (B) 1986
    (C) 1982
    (D) 1988
  • 49 Which of the following is a degenerative disease?

    (A) Arthritis
    (B) Heart attack
    (C) Diabetes Melitus
    (D) All of these
  • 50 The hormone insulin is a?

    (A) Peptide
    (B) Fatty acid
    (C) Glycolipid
    (D) Sterol
  • 51 Which among the following cells lack the property of division?

    (A) Neuron
    (B) Muscle cell
    (C) Epithelial cell
    (D) Nephron
  • 52 Which converts milk into curd?

    (A) Bacteria
    (B) Yeast
    (C) Virus
    (D) Fungus
  • 53 Which is a bone in human leg?

    (A) Radius
    (B) Tibia
    (C) Ulna
    (D) Sternum
  • 54 Which organism reproduces through budding?

    (A) Earth worm
    (B) Planaria
    (C) Tape worm
    (D) Hydra
  • 55 ‘Rajapalayam’ is related to?

    (A) Banana
    (B) Horse
    (C) Cow
    (D) Dog
  • 56 The fear of bees?

    (A) Alekrophobia
    (B) Apiphobia
    (C) Bathophobia
    (D) Ailurophobia
  • 57 The branch of clinical study related to hearing, taste and smell is?

    (A) Osteology
    (B) Otolaryngology
    (C) Ophthalmology
    (D) Dermatology
  • 58 The disease not transmitted by house fly?

    (A) Cholera
    (B) Enteric Fever
    (C) Dengue Fever
    (D) Dysentry
  • 59 Which animal has the normal gestation period of 22-24 months?

    (A) Tiger
    (B) Goat
    (C) Rhinoceros
    (D) Elephant
  • 60 The largest in the cat family?

    (A) Tiger
    (B) Lion
    (C) Leopard
    (D) Cheetah

"The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it"

- Henry David Thoreau 
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