Biology (MCQ) (Pages :18)

  • 61 The only animal in cat family that is a social animal?

    (A) Tiger
    (B) Cat
    (C) Leopard
    (D) Lion
  • 62 The animals lives by eating bamboo leaves only?

    (A) Panda
    (B) Platypus
    (C) Echidna
    (D) Emu
  • 63 The only creatures that have flaps around their ears?

    (A) Fish
    (B) Amphibeans
    (C) Birds
    (D) Mammals
  • 64 The first animal to up in space?

    (A) Cat
    (B) Monkey
    (C) Dog
    (D) Snake
  • 65 Which animal has the most powerful jaw?

    (A) Hyena
    (B) Lion
    (C) Tiger
    (D) Cheetah
  • 66 The most intelligent aquatic animal?

    (A) Whale
    (B) Shark
    (C) Dolphin
    (D) Tuna
  • 67 Which mammal makes the loudest sound?

    (A) Shark
    (B) Elephant
    (C) Blue Whale
    (D) Lion
  • 68 The animal with the highest blood pressure?

    (A) Monkey
    (B) Hippopotamus
    (C) Elephant
    (D) Giraffe
  • 69 The animal with the shortest gestation period?

    (A) American Opposum
    (B) Rat
    (C) Goat
    (D) Cat
  • 70 Which animal has nails but no fingers?

    (A) Lion
    (B) Elephant
    (C) Whale
    (D) Hyena
  • 71 Which animal has the longest neck?

    (A) Hippo
    (B) Camel
    (C) Giraffe
    (D) Elephant
  • 72 The largest organism in dog family?

    (A) Jackal
    (B) Fox
    (C) Dog
    (D) Wolf
  • 73 Which organism has red sweat?

    (A) Giraffe
    (B) Elephant
    (C) Hippopotamus
    (D) Rhinocerus
  • 74 The largest carnivorous animal in the land?

    (A) Lion
    (B) Polar bear
    (C) Tiger
    (D) Cheetah
  • 75 Which animal give birth to the largest offspring?

    (A) Elephant
    (B) Blue Whale
    (C) Rhinocerus
    (D) Camel
  • 76 The mammal that can fold its four legs in the same direction?

    (A) Giraffe
    (B) Camel
    (C) Elephant
    (D) Horse
  • 77 The first animal domesticated by man?

    (A) Horse
    (B) Cow
    (C) Dog
    (D) Cat
  • 78 Which of the following has the highest memorypower?

    (A) Monkey
    (B) Elephant
    (C) Cat
    (D) Dog
  • 79 Which animal has the milk with the highest fat content?

    (A) Cat
    (B) Cow
    (C) Rabbit
    (D) Whale
  • 80 Which is the second largest among the land animals?

    (A) Polar Bear
    (B) Rhinocerus
    (C) Camel
    (D) Giraffe
  • 81 The largest mammal in the land?

    (A) Asian Elephant
    (B) Camel
    (C) Giraffe
    (D) African Elephant
  • 82 Which has the largest mouth among the vertibrates in the land?

    (A) Rhinocerus
    (B) Hippopotamus
    (C) Asian Elephant
    (D) Camel
  • 83 If we sprinkle common salt on Earth worm, it dies due to?

    (A) Osmotic shock
    (B) Respiratory failure
    (C) Toxic effect of salt
    (D) Closure of pores of skin
  • 84 Insects that can transmit diseases to humans are referred to as?

    (A) Carriers
    (B) Reservoirs
    (C) Vectors
    (D) Incubators
  • 85 Cutting and peeling of onion brings tears to the eyes because of the presence of ____ in the cell?

    (A) Sulphur
    (B) Carbon
    (C) Fat
    (D) Amino acid
  • 86 Which of the following is fundamentally the Rh factor?

    (A) A form of anaemia
    (B) A hormonal reaction
    (C) A vitamin deficiency
    (D) An antigen-antibody reaction
  • 87 ‘Darvin Finches’ refers to a group of?

    (A) Fish
    (B) Lizards
    (C) Birds
    (D) Amphibians
  • 88 DNA Fingerprinting is used to identify the?

    (A) Parents
    (B) Rapist
    (C) Thieves
    (D) All the above
  • 89 Which of the following are warm blooded animals?

    (A) Whales
    (B) Whale sharks
    (C) Alytes
    (D) Draco
  • 90 Which of the following organs breaks fats into cholesterol?

    (A) Instestine
    (B) Liver
    (C) Lungs
    (D) Kidneys

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