Biology (MCQ) (Pages :18)

  • 91 Among the following, which one lays eggs and does not produce young ones directly?

    (A) Echidna
    (B) Kangaroo
    (C) Porcupine
    (D) Whale
  • 92 In the human body, Cowper’s gland form a part of which one of the following?

    (A) Digestive system
    (B) Endocrine gland
    (C) Reproductive system
    (D) Nervous system
  • 93 Which among the following is not a gland?

    (A) Stomach
    (B) Liver
    (C) Kidney
    (D) Pancreas
  • 94 The compounds leading to the origin of life were?

    (A) Urea and Nucleic acids
    (B) Amino acids and Urea
    (C) Protein and Nucleic acids
    (D) Protein and Amino acids
  • 95 The enzyme that converts glucose into ethyl alcohol is?

    (A) Invertase
    (B) Maltase
    (C) Zymase
    (D) Diastase
  • 96 What is the anatamical name of human cheek?

    (A) Occulus
    (B) Bucca
    (C) Auris
    (D) Mentis
  • 97 The chemical name of Vitamin H?

    (A) Adinin
    (B) Biotin
    (C) Niacin
    (D) Folic acid
  • 98 Who is the father of Microbiology?

    (A) Ian Wilmut
    (B) Samuel Hanniman
    (C) Louis Pasteur
    (D) Christian Bernard
  • 99 The mammal that has the largest brain in proportion to its body size (brain-to-body mass ratio) ?

    (A) Sperm Whale
    (B) Gorilla
    (C) Dolphin
    (D) Shrew
  • 100 The mammal that identifies its path without using using eye?

    (A) Bat
    (B) Dog
    (C) Cat
    (D) Fox
  • 101 The second fastest animal in cat family?

    (A) Leopard
    (B) Cheetah
    (C) Lion
    (D) Jaguar
  • 102 Which has the largest encephalization quotient of any animal?

    (A) Human
    (B) Shrew
    (C) Dolphin
    (D) Octopus
  • 103 Which is the laziest mammal?

    (A) Ass
    (B) Camel
    (C) Giraffe
    (D) Koala
  • 104 Which animal is known as ‘living fossil’?

    (A) Panda
    (B) Koala
    (C) Hyena
    (D) Leopard
  • 105 The only parasite among mammals?

    (A) Whales
    (B) Hyena
    (C) Vampire Bats
    (D) Polar Bear
  • 106 The normal cholesterol level in human blood is?

    (A) 80-120 mg
    (B) 120-140 mg
    (C) 140-180 mg
    (D) 180-200 mg
  • 107 Which one of the following is given to a typical patient of common typhoid?

    (A) Chloroquin
    (B) Vitamin A
    (C) Chloromycetin
    (D) Sulphur
  • 108 The organism than can move according to the magnetic force of the earth?

    (A) Snake
    (B) Snail
    (C) Frog
    (D) Millipede
  • 109 The organism that spreads Elephantiasis?

    (A) Culex mosquito
    (B) Anophelus mosquito
    (C) Rat flee
    (D) Plasmodium
  • 110 Which organism has the largest eye?

    (A) Elephant
    (B) Giraffe
    (C) Rhino
    (D) Giant squid
  • 111 Which organism identifies taste using its legs?

    (A) Spider
    (B) Butterfly
    (C) Frog
    (D) Cockroach
  • 112 Which organism does not move itself?

    (A) Snail
    (B) Sloth
    (C) Sponge
    (D) Sea Urchin
  • 113 Which is known as ‘painted lady’?

    (A) Spider
    (B) Butterfly
    (C) Python
    (D) Beetle
  • 114 Which organism is known as ‘friend of the farmer’?

    (A) Rat
    (B) Earth worm
    (C) Cow
    (D) Dog
  • 115 The largest insect?

    (A) Cockroach
    (B) Rhinocerus Beetle
    (C) Bug
    (D) Goliath Beetle
  • 116 The animal that has chlorophyll?

    (A) Raccoon
    (B) Euglina
    (C) Paramecium
    (D) Sea Urchin
  • 117 Insect without wings?

    (A) Beetle
    (B) Bug
    (C) House fly
    (D) None of these
  • 118 The chemical used by insects for communication?

    (A) Auxins
    (B) Toxins
    (C) Pheramones
    (D) Acids
  • 119 The number of legs of a Crab?

    (A) 4
    (B) 6
    (C) 10
    (D) 8
  • 120 Cultivation of Bees?

    (A) Cericulture
    (B) Horticulture
    (C) Vermiculture
    (D) Apiculture

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