Biology (MCQ) (Pages :18)

  • 151 Which one of the following is the first phase of mitotic division?

    (A) Telophase
    (B) Prophase
    (C) Metaphase
    (D) Anaphase
  • 152 The insects which are highly destructive to buildings and wooden structures?

    (A) Weevils
    (B) Cockroach and ants
    (C) Corn borer
    (D) Termites
  • 153 The word ‘ecosystem’ was first coined by?

    (A) A. G. Tansley
    (B) R. Mishra
    (C) E. P. Odum
    (D) None of these
  • 154 Which one of the following is a hermaphrodite?

    (A) Bedbug
    (B) Hookworm
    (C) Mosquito
    (D) Earthworm
  • 155 Plasma membrane in eucaryotic cells is made up of?

    (A) Phospholipid
    (B) Lipoprotein
    (C) Phospholipido protein
    (D) Phospho protein
  • 156 World Leprocy Eradication Day?

    (A) January 26
    (B) January 30
    (C) January 31
    (D) February 28
  • 157 World TB Day?

    (A) March 24
    (B) March 26
    (C) March 27
    (D) March 15
  • 158 The day observed on the first Tuesday of May:?

    (A) World Asthma Day
    (B) World Diabetes Day
    (C) World Haemophilia Day
    (D) World AIDS Day
  • 159 World Hyper tension Day?

    (A) May 17
    (B) May 18
    (C) May 31
    (D) May 8
  • 160 World Day of the Deaf?

    (A) September 5
    (B) September 26
    (C) September 27
    (D) September 22
  • 161 Rose Day (Welfare of Cancer patients) is observed on?

    (A) September 26
    (B) October 2
    (C) September 22
    (D) November 14
  • 162 World Epilepsy day?

    (A) November 9
    (B) November 14
    (C) November 27
    (D) November 17
  • 163 World AIDS Day is observed on?

    (A) December 10
    (B) December 1
    (C) December 20
    (D) December 3
  • 164 International Day for Biological Diversity?

    (A) May 22
    (B) December 10
    (C) March 3
    (D) March 25
  • 165 World Disabled Day?

    (A) March 25
    (B) December 3
    (C) March 10
    (D) March 28
  • 166 World Blood Donor Day?

    (A) June 5
    (B) June 10
    (C) June 16
    (D) June 14
  • 167 International Day for the Elederly?

    (A) October 1
    (B) October 3
    (C) December 3
    (D) December 1
  • 168 The last Sunday of September is observed as the World .....Day?

    (A) Heart
    (B) Lungs
    (C) Kidney
    (D) Brain
  • 169 World Mosquito Day is observed on?

    (A) August 17
    (B) August 20
    (C) June 26
    (D) October 1
  • 170 World Voluntary Blood Donation Day?

    (A) September 26
    (B) October 2
    (C) October 1
    (D) November 14
  • 171 Alzhiemer’s Day is observed on?

    (A) September 26
    (B) September 5
    (C) September 11
    (D) September 21
  • 172 World Autism Awareness Day?

    (A) April 1
    (B) April 2
    (C) April 10
    (D) April 15
  • 173 The second Thursday of March is observed as?

    (A) World Kidney Day
    (B) World Heart Day
    (C) World Sight Day
    (D) World day of Deaf
  • 174 The second Thursday in October is observed as?

    (A) World Kidney Day
    (B) World Heart Day
    (C) World Sight Day
    (D) World Disabled Day
  • 175 World Cancer Day?

    (A) January 4
    (B) February 4
    (C) March 18
    (D) April 18
  • 176 September 28 is observed as World .........Day?

    (A) Rabies
    (B) Autism
    (C) Tuberculosis
    (D) AIDS
  • 177 Genetic Engineering belongs to the science of ——?

    (A) Biology
    (B) Zoology
    (C) Botany
    (D) Bio-technology
  • 178 The fat content of cow milk is reduced during?

    (A) Rainy season
    (B) Winter
    (C) Summer
    (D) Pregnancy
  • 179 The state of animal dormancy during summer?

    (A) Aestivation
    (B) Hibernation
    (C) Venation
    (D) Migration
  • 180 In human body the structure to which appendix is attached?

    (A) Liver
    (B) Small intestine
    (C) Large intestine
    (D) Pancreas

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