Biology (MCQ) (Pages :18)

  • 181 In mammals, the embryo develops within the specialised part of the oviduct known as?

    (A) Ovisac
    (B) Yolk sac
    (C) Vagina
    (D) Uterus
  • 182 The hormone which regulates Calcium and Phosphate in human body?

    (A) Parathyroid hormone
    (B) Insulin
    (C) Glucagon
    (D) ADH
  • 183 A skin softener used in cosmetics, obtained from sheep is?

    (A) Castor oil
    (B) Lonolin
    (C) Olive oil
    (D) None of these
  • 184 The terms hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia are related to which among the following?

    (A) Body fat
    (B) Blood sugar
    (C) Metabolism of sugar galactose
    (D) Respiration
  • 185 Skin works as a respiratory organ in which of the following organisms?

    (A) Cockroach
    (B) Frog
    (C) Whale
    (D) Dog Fish
  • 186 Presence of which among the following salts in water causes ‘blue baby syndrome’?

    (A) Sulphate
    (B) Chlorides
    (C) Carbonates
    (D) Nitrates
  • 187 Schizophernia is an example of?

    (A) Allergy
    (B) Mental illness
    (C) Degenerative disease
    (D) Contagious disease
  • 188 The web of the spiders made up of?

    (A) Carbohydrates and proteins
    (B) Polysacchirides
    (C) Proteins
    (D) Lipids
  • 189 Bile is secreted by which of the following cells?

    (A) Brown fat cells
    (B) Hepatocytes
    (C) Lymphocytes
    (D) Somatocytes
  • 190 Blood plasma with which among the following is called serum?

    (A) Thrombin
    (B) Fibrin
    (C) Fibrinogen
    (D) Collagen
  • 191 The acid present in nucleic acid is?

    (A) Phosphoric acid
    (B) Nitric acid
    (C) Benzoic acid
    (D) Sulphuric acid
  • 192 A goitre is also called?

    (A) Bronchocele
    (B) Larynx
    (C) Thalassemia
    (D) Hypoglycemia
  • 193 In polar tundra region which animal is used to get fur by nomadic eskimos?

    (A) Panda
    (B) Bear
    (C) Walrus
    (D) Caribou
  • 194 Fatigue is caused because of the formation and depositing of which among the following acids in muscle?

    (A) Lactic acid
    (B) Citric acid
    (C) Pyruvic acid
    (D) Acetic acid
  • 195 The pigment melanin predominates in?

    (A) Light blond hair
    (B) Deep black hair
    (C) Grey hair
    (D) Brown hair
  • 196 Which among following sugars is maximum in honey?

    (A) Maltose
    (B) Fructose
    (C) Sucrose
    (D) Glucose
  • 197 Which Vitamin contains a metal ion?

    (A) Vitamin A
    (B) Vitamin B12
    (C) Vitamin K
    (D) Vitamin B2
  • 198 While using sphigmomanometer, the blood pressure of _____ is measured?

    (A) Median artery
    (B) Auxiliary artery
    (C) Brachial artery
    (D) Radial artery
  • 199 Other than hearing, the ear acts as a organ of?

    (A) Memory
    (B) Secretion
    (C) Excretion
    (D) Balance
  • 200 Which organ has the highest power of regeneration?

    (A) Intestine
    (B) Pancreas
    (C) Lungs
    (D) Liver
  • 201 White blood corpuscles in the body have a diameter approximately?

    (A) 0.7 mm
    (B) 0.07 mm
    (C) 0.007 mm
    (D) 0.0007 mm
  • 202 Native place of Lady’s finger?

    (A) Africa
    (B) Australia
    (C) India
    (D) America
  • 203 The plant associated with biodiesel?

    (A) Ricinus
    (B) Jetropha
    (C) All spice
    (D) Pinus
  • 204 The native place of the plants Pepper, Ginger, Turmeric and Cardomom?

    (A) Brazil
    (B) Mexico
    (C) India
    (D) Australia
  • 205 The birth place of Eucaliptus?

    (A) Australia
    (B) Brazil
    (C) Mexico
    (D) India
  • 206 Oil used in baby soap?

    (A) Olive
    (B) Palmoil
    (C) Neem oil
    (D) Seasamum oil
  • 207 What is known as ‘Vegetable gold’?

    (A) Grapes
    (B) Mango
    (C) Tomato
    (D) Saffron
  • 208 Gum arabica is obtained from?

    (A) Pinus
    (B) Jetropha
    (C) Acacia
    (D) Vanda
  • 209 The most important Khariff crop in India?

    (A) Wheat
    (B) Paddy
    (C) Pea
    (D) Mustard
  • 210 The most important Rabi crop in India?

    (A) Paddy
    (B) Cotton
    (C) Wheat
    (D) Millet

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