Practice Multiple Choice Questions (Pages :44)

  • 31 When Raju came to the class very late, the teacher asked him where .............?

    (A) he was
    (B) were you
    (C) had you gone
    (D) he had been
  • 32 Ad valorem means ___?

    (A) according to value
    (B) temporary value
    (C) a disgusting experience
    (D) an honoured guest
  • 33 Children hardly ever speak English, ___?

    (A) don't they
    (B) didn't they?
    (C) do they?
    (D) did they?
  • 34 Than work is ___ for any man to do single-handed.?

    (A) more than enough
    (B) much more
    (C) very much
    (D) too much
  • 35 The antonym of include is:?

    (A) conclude
    (B) exclude
    (C) seclude
    (D) preclude
  • 36 Which of the following sentences is wrong?

    (A) My uncle went abroad last week
    (B) He was in a hurry to go to the office
    (C) If you work hard you will pass
    (D) No sooner had he reached home when the light went out
  • 37 In which part of the sentence is the mistake?

    (A) I am looking forward
    (B) to see you
    (C) sometime
    (D) next year
  • 38 Of the two sisters, Gayathri and Theertha, Gayathri is ___ attractive?

    (A) more
    (B) most
    (C) much
    (D) very
  • 39 If you are caught trying to smuggle gold through the customs, it will be -----?

    (A) confiscated
    (B) compensated
    (C) consolidated
    (D) castigated
  • 40 One who compiles dictionaries is sailed a :?

    (A) Dictator
    (B) Calligrapher
    (C) Linguist
    (D) Lexicographer
  • 41 She is _______ most intelligent girl in the class.?

    (A) an
    (B) the
    (C) a
    (D) none of these
  • 42 The opposite of "obligatory" is :?

    (A) voluntary
    (B) compulsory
    (C) necessary
    (D) inevitable
  • 43 We must have ............... to good books?

    (A) axes
    (B) access
    (C) execess
    (D) axis
  • 44 The synonym of "absurd" is:?

    (A) unconscious
    (B) conscious
    (C) foolish
    (D) sensible
  • 45 Tell me ____ you were talking to for so long?

    (A) who
    (B) whose
    (C) what
    (D) whom
  • 46 Vishnu is the ___ boy in his class?

    (A) tall
    (B) tallest
    (C) taller
    (D) long
  • 47 Mahatma Gandhi insisted on ___ wearing khadi clothes,?

    (A) we
    (B) us
    (C) our
    (D) ours
  • 48 We have a holiday _______ Christmas.?

    (A) at
    (B) in
    (C) on
    (D) by
  • 49 Give one word of the following - Tendency to maintain a state of affairs without much change?

    (A) orthodoxy
    (B) conservatism
    (C) chorus
    (D) ballot
  • 50 Hardly ------- see the picture.?

    (A) I can
    (B) I could
    (C) can I
    (D) can’t I
  • 51 All were invited.............dinner.?

    (A) for
    (B) to
    (C) on
    (D) at
  • 52 A person who runs away from law or justice?

    (A) refugee
    (B) criminal
    (C) fugitive
    (D) emigrant
  • 53 I cannot ______ what he is saying?

    (A) make in
    (B) put off
    (C) make out
    (D) put up
  • 54 The opposite of ‘‘implicit’’ is:?

    (A) exposed
    (B) inherent
    (C) covert
    (D) none of these
  • 55 He does not know ........... English fluently.?

    (A) How to speak
    (B) To speak
    (C) How speaking
    (D) How to speaking
  • 56 This PC is as good as new, it has ......... been used?

    (A) hardly
    (B) mostly
    (C) lately
    (D) most
  • 57 Select an uncountable noun from the following:?

    (A) pin
    (B) poem
    (C) train
    (D) poetry
  • 58 I am taller than you ..................?

    (A) aren’t I
    (B) am I
    (C) is it
    (D) isn’t it
  • 59 I wish I........ Ali’s mobile number?

    (A) knew
    (B) knowing
    (C) known
    (D) knows
  • 60 In which part of the sentences is the mistake?

    (A) I received /
    (B) a check for one lakh rupees /
    (C) as advance /
    (D) for my book

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