Practice Multiple Choice Questions (Pages :44)

  • 61 A poem in the form of an address is:?

    (A) Sonnet
    (B) Dramatic monologue
    (C) Ode
    (D) Lullaby
  • 62 One of the boys in the cricket team ____ my brother?

    (A) were
    (B) was
    (C) is being
    (D) be
  • 63 Are these pictures ------- sale?

    (A) at
    (B) for
    (C) in
    (D) to
  • 64 The Prime Minister ----------- the president yesterday.?

    (A) called at
    (B) called in
    (C) called off
    (D) called on
  • 65 ‘‘Condense’’ means:?

    (A) abridge
    (B) console
    (C) compress
    (D) reduce
  • 66 I ......... him seven years ago.?

    (A) have met
    (B) met
    (C) had met
    (D) have been meeting
  • 67 Start legal proceedings against:?

    (A) proscribe
    (B) prosecute
    (C) persecute
    (D) execute
  • 68 The price of oranges ___ up.?

    (A) has gone
    (B) have gone
    (C) is gone
    (D) are gone
  • 69 Indian criket team was in a tight spot, but their bowlers....... to the occassion?

    (A) rose up
    (B) rising
    (C) descended
    (D) lived
  • 70 It rained ________, all the day.?

    (A) to and fro
    (B) up and down
    (C) off and on
    (D) out and out
  • 71 Atlanta is the city ----- Olympic Games were held in 1996.?

    (A) that
    (B) when
    (C) where
    (D) Which
  • 72 Change into passive form- Shut the door?

    (A) Let the door be shut.
    (B) Please shut the door
    (C) You are requested to shut the door
    (D) None of these
  • 73 Write the synonyms of the following words: Serious?

    (A) Grief
    (B) Grave
    (C) Peculiar
    (D) Savage
  • 74 He neither drinks .......... smokes?

    (A) and
    (B) nor
    (C) but
    (D) or
  • 75 Find the wrongly spelt word:?

    (A) termagent
    (B) turbulent
    (C) brewling
    (D) shrewish
  • 76 We have to stay here ______ he comes?

    (A) when
    (B) while
    (C) during
    (D) until
  • 77 The man — writes the book is a friend of mine.?

    (A) which
    (B) that
    (C) whose
    (D) who
  • 78 The correctly spelt word is:?

    (A) congratulate
    (B) congrattulate
    (C) congratullate
    (D) congrratulate
  • 79 Translate into Malayalam- Genius is ninety nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration?

    (A) പ്രതിഭയെന്നത് 99 ശതമാനം കഠിനാദ്ധ്വാനവും ഒരു ശതമാനം പ്രചോദനവും ആണ്
    (B) പ്രതിഭയെന്നത് 99 ശതമാനം പ്രചോദനവും ഒരു ശതമാനം കഠിനാദ്ധ്വാനവും ആണ്
    (C) പ്രതിഭയെന്നത് 99 ശതമാനം ആവേശവും ഒരു ശതമാനം പ്രചോദനവുമാണ്
    (D) പ്രതിഭയെന്നത് 99 ശതമാനം ഇഛാശക്തിയും ഒരു ശതമാനം പ്രചോദനവും ആണ്
  • 80 Which one is in the plural form?

    (A) mouse
    (B) oxen
    (C) radius
    (D) crisis
  • 81 The story that he told me is not -------?

    (A) credible
    (B) creditable
    (C) fair
    (D) fare
  • 82 Milk is good –––– drink.?

    (A) to
    (B) for
    (C) in
    (D) of
  • 83 The passive form of ‘He issued the orders’ is :?

    (A) The orders were issued by him
    (B) He has issued the orders
    (C) He had been issue the orders
    (D) The orders was issued by him
  • 84 The new secretary started work ------ last week.?

    (A) since
    (B) from
    (C) till
    (D) to
  • 85 The paths of glory lead but to the ................?

    (A) tomb
    (B) grave
    (C) burial ground
    (D) graveyard
  • 86 A poor man _________ I knew nursed the orphan:?

    (A) that
    (B) who
    (C) which
    (D) whom
  • 87 The thief .............. his house last night.?

    (A) broke away
    (B) broke forth
    (C) broke off
    (D) broke into
  • 88 ‘A hard nut to crack’ means?

    (A) a person who is very obstinate
    (B) any dry fruit like walnut
    (C) problem which can’t be easily solved
    (D) none of these
  • 89 Alladin had ......... wonerful lamp?

    (A) very
    (B) a
    (C) the
    (D) an
  • 90 If I ________ his address I would write to him.?

    (A) knew
    (B) had known
    (C) will known
    (D) was knowing

"All you have to do is know where you’re going. The answers will come to you of their own accord"

- Earl Nightingale
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