Practice Multiple Choice Questions (Pages :44)

  • 91 A journey by sea is called?

    (A) voyage
    (B) flight
    (C) gliding
    (D) surfing
  • 92 Feminine gender of 'colt' is?

    (A) lass
    (B) cow
    (C) sow
    (D) filly
  • 93 It ------ since 8’0 clock in the morning.?

    (A) was raining
    (B) has been raining
    (C) rained
    (D) were rained
  • 94 Fill in by the correct form of the word given- The visitor was given a warm welcome on his......................?

    (A) arrive
    (B) arriving
    (C) arrived
    (D) arrival
  • 95 A period of two weeks time?

    (A) weekly
    (B) fortnight
    (C) quarterly
    (D) bimonthly
  • 96 Time –––– all sorrows.?

    (A) heels
    (B) heals
    (C) hails
    (D) heal
  • 97 A lot of people have died ____ starvation in Ethiopia.?

    (A) of
    (B) on
    (C) from
    (D) at
  • 98 The accused man was soon out on ------.?

    (A) bale
    (B) bile
    (C) bail
    (D) bill
  • 99 Vishnu is the ___ boy in his class?

    (A) tall
    (B) tallest
    (C) taller
    (D) long
  • 100 Which of the following is a synonym of 'profit’?

    (A) loss
    (B) dividend
    (C) gain
    (D) equity
  • 101 I spoke to her -------.?

    (A) in the telephone
    (B) on the telephone
    (C) by the telephone
    (D) with the telephone
  • 102 He left Mumbai ––––– train.?

    (A) in
    (B) on
    (C) by
    (D) from
  • 103 The word ‘martial’ means:?

    (A) of marriage
    (B) relating to war
    (C) upholding law
    (D) rule or doctrine
  • 104 The passive voice of: They have made this house of bricks and lime.?

    (A) This house has been made of bricks and lime.
    (B) This house had been made of bricks and lime.
    (C) This house was made of bricks and lime.
    (D) This house is being made of bricks and lime.
  • 105 Maya kept ........ about her college days.?

    (A) talking
    (B) to talk
    (C) talked
    (D) would talk
  • 106 The policeman ............ the thief.?

    (A) ceased
    (B) seized
    (C) catched
    (D) caused
  • 107 Would you mind________ to him?

    (A) talk
    (B) to talk
    (C) talked
    (D) talking
  • 108 The ____ to the temple is through the rear of the wall.?

    (A) success
    (B) assess
    (C) access
    (D) excess
  • 109 We try to keep the President..........of recent developments in the economy.?

    (A) appraised
    (B) apprised
    (C) upraised
    (D) None
  • 110 A person who undertakes a commercial venture is a/an ___?

    (A) Entrepreneur
    (B) Businessman
    (C) Shopkeeper
    (D) Manager
  • 111 There will be no rain ------ atleast an hour.?

    (A) from
    (B) for
    (C) with
    (D) to
  • 112 Opposite of the word 'brief' is?

    (A) expand
    (B) detailed
    (C) spreading
    (D) exclusive
  • 113 I attended the meeting ------- him.?

    (A) off
    (B) for
    (C) at
    (D) under
  • 114 ‘He resembles his father’ means:?

    (A) He takes after his father.
    (B) He looks after his father.
    (C) He imitates his father .
    (D) He follows his father.
  • 115 Do not go out ......... you get leave.?

    (A) otherwise
    (B) unless
    (C) yet
    (D) not yet
  • 116 The opposite of proud is?

    (A) bombastic
    (B) slavish
    (C) grovelling
    (D) humble
  • 117 None of the arrived in time, .....?

    (A) did they
    (B) didn't they
    (C) wasn't it
    (D) didn't he
  • 118 My sister is proficient ------- English?

    (A) at
    (B) in
    (C) for
    (D) on
  • 119 She ............ since morning?

    (A) is sleeping
    (B) was sleeping
    (C) have been sleeping
    (D) has been sleeping
  • 120 In which part of the sentence is the mistake...?

    (A) Never you should
    (B) insult the old
    (C) and the
    (D) inform

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