Practice Multiple Choice Questions (Pages :44)

  • 1261 Write the plural form of the compound word 'son-in-law’:?

    (A) son-in-laws
    (B) sons-in-laws
    (C) son's-in-laws
    (D) sons-in-law
  • 1262 Choose the word with correct spelling:?

    (A) Pnuemonia
    (B) Pnumonia
    (C) Pneumonia
    (D) Nuemonia
  • 1263 One of the pupils _____ selected for the competition?

    (A) are
    (B) were
    (C) is
    (D) have
  • 1264 The postman ____ lives in the village is very old?

    (A) who
    (B) which
    (C) that
    (D) whom
  • 1265 Sam is very good ___ mathematics?

    (A) in
    (B) at
    (C) with
    (D) on
  • 1266 Choose the meaning of the Latin Word ‘Viva voce’?

    (A) literally
    (B) carefully
    (C) legibly
    (D) orally
  • 1267 A student who stays away from school without telling his/her parents?

    (A) liar
    (B) truant
    (C) escapist
    (D) drearner
  • 1268 Teacher said to Jack: ‘Don't be late again tomorrow’. Choose the suitable sentence in indirect speech?

    (A) Teacher said to Jack that don't be late again the next-day
    (B) Teacher warned Jack that not to be late
    (C) Teacher warned Jack not to be late again the next d
    (D) Teacher told Jack not to be late again tomorr
  • 1269 Mrs.Nalini ____ her children to be truthful?

    (A) brought about
    (B) brought up
    (C) brought down
    (D) brought out
  • 1270 Pick out the word which is not a synonym of ‘enormous’?

    (A) huge
    (B) immense
    (C) giant
    (D) tiny
  • 1271 If the computer ___ on, he would send emails?

    (A) was
    (B) has
    (C) be
    (D) is
  • 1272 You'd better ____ in time.?

    (A) reach
    (B) reaches
    (C) reached
    (D) to reach
  • 1273 He stayed at home yesterday because he .....a bad cold?

    (A) was
    (B) have
    (C) has
    (D) had
  • 1274 Look me.......when you are in india next year.?

    (A) down
    (B) up
    (C) in
    (D) over
  • 1275 I am extremely sorry I cant talk to you now, I am....?

    (A) behind the times
    (B) without time
    (C) pressed for time
    (D) lost in time
  • 1276 Hundred rupees......... enough for the taxi fare?

    (A) is
    (B) are
    (C) has
    (D) have
  • 1277 In which part of the sentences is the mistake?

    (A) He /
    (B) has delivered/
    (C) a best speech/
    (D) on the topic
  • 1278 In which part of the sentences is the mistake?

    (A) I received /
    (B) a check for one lakh rupees /
    (C) as advance /
    (D) for my book
  • 1279 What is the passive voice form of: This shop sells non-fiction books?

    (A) Nonfiction books is sold in this shop
    (B) Non fiction books was sold in this shop
    (C) Nonfiction books are sold in this shop
    (D) Nonfiction books were sold in this shop
  • 1280 Report : "Is your book on Shakespeare", he asked her?

    (A) He asked her if your book is on Shakespeare
    (B) He asked her if her book was on Shakesp
    (C) He asked her if her book were on Shakespeare
    (D) He told her if her book is on Shakespeare
  • 1281 Chocolate cake contains *................ amount of calorie.?

    (A) high
    (B) numerous
    (C) big
    (D) large
  • 1282 Within a short period of time, he reached the ...... of his career?

    (A) Pinnacle
    (B) Climax
    (C) acme
    (D) optimum
  • 1283 The science of meanings and effects of words is called.?

    (A) verbology
    (B) semantics
    (C) phonetics
    (D) correlative science
  • 1284 ‘bana fide' means ____?

    (A) in good condition
    (B) not true
    (C) in good faith
    (D) good-natured
  • 1285 Correctly spelt word is?

    (A) nocturnal
    (B) vuciferous
    (C) benafactor
    (D) clamarous
  • 1286 The opposite of stagnant is?

    (A) stable
    (B) straight
    (C) mobile
    (D) not strong
  • 1287 ‘to show white feathers’ means-?

    (A) to show fear
    (B) to show the attractive side
    (C) be on the winning side
    (D) you are welcome
  • 1288 It was a nice idea of you ____ that house?

    (A) buying
    (B) to buying
    (C) to buy
    (D) bought
  • 1289 The guard ____ by the loud noise of the bungalow's alarm.?

    (A) woke up
    (B) woken up
    (C) wake up
    (D) was woken up
  • 1290 The Prime Minister _____ the President to clarify the matter in detail.?

    (A) called at
    (B) called on
    (C) call by
    (D) call with

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