Practice Multiple Choice Questions (Pages :44)

  • 1291 Oh! She was treating the strange boy ____ he was her own son.?

    (A) as if
    (B) as
    (C) as good as
    (D) whatever
  • 1292 ____ we were very busy with the rehearsal, we didn’t have enough time to meet you.?

    (A) When
    (B) While
    (C) As
    (D) Because
  • 1293 This years monsoon has been _____ in the last two decades.?

    (A) the good
    (B) the worst
    (C) the better
    (D) best
  • 1294 _____ the Panchayath President nor the members attended the meeting.?

    (A) Neither
    (B) Either
    (C) Both
    (D) Neither of
  • 1295 Which part of the sentence ‘She has just completed a five years integrated PG course' is incorrect?

    (A) She has just completed
    (B) a
    (C) five years
    (D) integrated PC course
  • 1296 They ____ the same mistake four limes this month?

    (A) made
    (B) have made
    (C) had made
    (D) are making
  • 1297 Drivers must confirm _____ traffic rules to avoid accidents.?

    (A) with
    (B) for
    (C) to
    (D) in
  • 1298 If you had gone there, you ____ the clear picture of the incident.?

    (A) should get
    (B) should have got
    (C) have got
    (D) get
  • 1299 When was ____ Radio invented?

    (A) the
    (B) a
    (C) an
    (D) опе
  • 1300 The news ____ really going to shake the Government to the roots.?

    (A) were
    (B) was
    (C) are
    (D) do
  • 1301 The project was highly rewarding tuttle rural people, ____?

    (A) was it?
    (B) were it?
    (C) wasn’t it?
    (D) will it?
  • 1302 The rider swirled the whip and the horse jumped up ____ a white cloud of dust.?

    (A) rising
    (B) rose up
    (C) raising
    (D) riasing

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