Practice Multiple Choice Questions (Pages :44)

  • 151 A..................of ministers?

    (A) jury
    (B) shoal
    (C) group
    (D) cabinet
  • 152 The antonym of rigid is?

    (A) clear
    (B) polite
    (C) dangerous
    (D) flexible
  • 153 Find out the wrongly spelt word :?

    (A) harassment
    (B) guerilla
    (C) expadite
    (D) hysterical
  • 154 The union leader called -------- a harthal last month.?

    (A) on
    (B) at
    (C) for
    (D) of
  • 155 He is in service.?

    (A) to
    (B) by
    (C) than
    (D) about
  • 156 Some students spend a lot of money..........looks.?

    (A) on
    (B) in
    (C) with
    (D) at
  • 157 We sympathise ...... those in distress.?

    (A) with
    (B) for
    (C) to
    (D) by
  • 158 He is _________ honest man.?

    (A) a
    (B) an
    (C) the
    (D) only
  • 159 Choose the correctly spelt word:?

    (A) efficient
    (B) afficient
    (C) eficiant
    (D) eficient
  • 160 Don’t be late for dinner -------?

    (A) are you
    (B) won’t you
    (C) do you
    (D) will you
  • 161 We shall drive if the roads are ––––––.?

    (A) clear
    (B) clearly
    (C) clearing
    (D) cleanly
  • 162 Mrs.Nalini ____ her children to be truthful?

    (A) brought about
    (B) brought up
    (C) brought down
    (D) brought out
  • 163 The last time when I saw Mr. John he looked very relaxed. He explained that he had been on holiday the ------ week.?

    (A) earlier
    (B) following
    (C) next
    (D) previous
  • 164 She sang well, ____?

    (A) did she?
    (B) didn't she?
    (C) does she?
    (D) doesn't she?
  • 165 My son is only one and a half years old but he can already.............?

    (A) come
    (B) go
    (C) walk
    (D) hurry
  • 166 Scarcely ___ started when the rain came pouring down:?

    (A) had the game
    (B) was the game
    (C) have the game
    (D) has the game
  • 167 There is no quick cure ___ a cold.?

    (A) to
    (B) for
    (C) against
    (D) of
  • 168 A yogi’s mind is not attentive ________ the noises around.?

    (A) to
    (B) about
    (C) at
    (D) for
  • 169 She was married ............. she was sixteen.?

    (A) when
    (B) while
    (C) as
    (D) because
  • 170 A person who helps someone to do wrong is called an ...............?

    (A) accomplice
    (B) imposter
    (C) amateur
    (D) upstart
  • 171 'Scintillating' means.?

    (A) piercing
    (B) painful
    (C) sharp
    (D) sparkling
  • 172 He can’t win the race ––––– he tried to run fast.?

    (A) whatever
    (B) whichever
    (C) however
    (D) wherever
  • 173 Latha read the story, .......... she?

    (A) don't
    (B) doesn't
    (C) didn't
    (D) isn't
  • 174 Her hair ----- black.?

    (A) is
    (B) are
    (C) were
    (D) be
  • 175 Rama’s house is bigger than ----------.?

    (A) my
    (B) our
    (C) their
    (D) yours
  • 176 When I reached his house he .....?

    (A) left
    (B) had left
    (C) was left
    (D) had been left
  • 177 Fill in the blanks using proper question tag. Don’t ill treat all others________?

    (A) do you
    (B) will you
    (C) don't you
    (D) can't you
  • 178 He did not understand the office order as it was very..................?

    (A) lucid
    (B) terse
    (C) ambiguous
    (D) obscure
  • 179 The labourer has been working ________ 9 AM.?

    (A) from
    (B) on
    (C) since
    (D) for
  • 180 I feel as if my head ________on fire.?

    (A) was
    (B) is
    (C) were
    (D) are

"First say to yourself what you would be;and then do what you have to do"

-  Epictetus
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