Practice Multiple Choice Questions (Pages :44)

  • 181 It looks as though ...............?

    (A) it will rain
    (B) it may rain
    (C) it might rain
    (D) it can rain
  • 182 Last year he –---------- the SSLC Examination with distinction.?

    (A) has passed
    (B) had passed
    (C) passed
    (D) has been passing
  • 183 The murder of a human being is known as?

    (A) suicide
    (B) regicide
    (C) homicide
    (D) genocide
  • 184 This is my last year

    (A) the
    (B) a
    (C) an
    (D) no article
  • 185 .............. come to my rescue I would have been killed by the bandits.?

    (A) If he did not
    (B) If he would not
    (C) Had he not
    (D) He having not
  • 186 ‘Gas’ is to ‘gaseous’ as ‘water’ is to:?

    (A) aqueous
    (B) Fluid
    (C) Liquid
    (D) Liquor
  • 187 ‘I wish it wasn't raining’ means:?

    (A) It is raining
    (B) It isn't raining
    (C) It will rain
    (D) It wasn't raining
  • 188 Choose the correctly spelt word :?

    (A) Corrusponding
    (B) Coresponding
    (C) Corresponding
    (D) Correspunding
  • 189 If he had consulted a doctor................?

    (A) his disease would have cured
    (B) he would have been cured
    (C) the doctor would cure the disease
    (D) he would cure the disease
  • 190 Which of the following is the word opposite in meaning to the word 'amateur?

    (A) artificial
    (B) rough
    (C) professional
    (D) selfish
  • 191 We have only ___ minutes to spare?

    (A) little
    (B) a little
    (C) few
    (D) a few
  • 192 When I arrived at the school, the bell ____?

    (A) rang
    (B) ring
    (C) had rung
    (D) running
  • 193 The postman ____ lives in the village is very old?

    (A) who
    (B) which
    (C) that
    (D) whom
  • 194 Shakespeare is superior ------- Marlowe.?

    (A) than
    (B) to
    (C) from
    (D) among
  • 195 I shall call -- you in the evening?

    (A) with
    (B) at
    (C) of
    (D) on
  • 196 which one has the correct spelling?

    (A) pneumonia
    (B) neumonia
    (C) pumonia
    (D) pnuemonia
  • 197 Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition. Divide this ________ the servants.?

    (A) with
    (B) between
    (C) among
    (D) to
  • 198 He takes an aversion to ––––– tea.?

    (A) drink
    (B) drinking
    (C) drank
    (D) drunk
  • 199 Which of the following word is misspelt?

    (A) bouquet
    (B) beurau
    (C) burrow
    (D) bourgeoisie
  • 200 I have bought a car _____.?

    (A) last year
    (B) two years ago
    (C) recently
    (D) yet
  • 201 Put the right question tag: I met him a year ago, ------?

    (A) did I
    (B) didn’t I
    (C) was I
    (D) wasn’t I
  • 202 Pick out the right question tag. She had some bitter experiences -------?

    (A) had she
    (B) hadn't she
    (C) didn’t she
    (D) did she
  • 203 India ------- (become) free in 1947 [Use the correct form of the verb given in bracket]?

    (A) has become
    (B) becomes
    (C) become
    (D) became
  • 204 His actions are :?

    (A) destroyer
    (B) destruction
    (C) destructive
    (D) destroyed
  • 205 A place were monks live?

    (A) hostel
    (B) monastery
    (C) dormitory
    (D) hut
  • 206 People always admire this portrait ; is the active form of?

    (A) This portrait was always admired
    (B) This portrait admired always by people
    (C) This portrait has been always admired
    (D) This portrait is always admired
  • 207 Fear of anything new is:?

    (A) Neophobia
    (B) Nephophobia
    (C) Noctiphobia
    (D) Nebulaphobia
  • 208 My mother asked me ____ I had not finished the work?

    (A) whether
    (B) when
    (C) how
    (D) why
  • 209 None of the players came in time. Find out the correct tag from the following?

    (A) did they?
    (B) didn't they?
    (C) do they
    (D) don’t they ?
  • 210 I am always ............ trouble with my neighbours?

    (A) has
    (B) had
    (C) being
    (D) having

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