Facts about India (Pages :25)

  • 1 In which year Indian National Congress approved the Basic Education System propounded by Gandhiji?

    Ans : 1938
  • 2 In which year was the Champaran Satyagraha?

    Ans : 1917
  • 3 Name the Governor General who introduced Doctrine of Lapse?

    Ans : Dalhousie
  • 4 The first British Viceroy of India?

    Ans : Lord Canning
  • 5 The first woman President of the Indian National Congress?

    Ans : Annie Besant
  • 6 The town bombarded by Vasco da Gama during his second visit as the local ruler refused to expel muslim traders from there?

    Ans : Kozhikode
  • 7 Who repealed the Vernacular Press Act?

    Ans : Lord Ripon
  • 8 Who was the Viceroy when Indian Penal Code was brought into effect?

    Ans : Lord Canning
  • 9 Who was the Viceroy when Queen Victoria was declared as the Empress of India in 1877?

    Ans : Lytton
  • 10 In India, the death anniversary of Gandhiji is observed as?

    Ans : Martyrs day
  • 11 The famous leader whose birth day falls on the birth day of Lal Bahadur Shastri?

    Ans : Gandhiji
  • 12 Who was the Congress president when Jawaharlal Nehru was appointed as the chairman of the National Planning Committee constituted by INC?

    Ans : Subhas Chandra Bose
  • 13 Who was selected as the second person to observe individual satyagraha in 1940?

    Ans : Jawaharlal Nehru
  • 14 In which year Mahathma Gandhi became the president of Indian National Congress?

    Ans : 1924
  • 15 Jawaharlal Nehru attended Congress session as a delegate for the first time in 1912. It was held at?

    Ans : Bankipur
  • 16 Jawaharlal Nehru became the President of the Indian National Congress for the first time in?

    Ans : 1929
  • 17 Jawaharlal Nehru Port is situated at?

    Ans : Mumbai
  • 18 Jawaharlal Nehru was born in 1889 at?

    Ans : Allahabad
  • 19 Which state was given the status of ‘associate state’ in 1974?

    Ans : Sikkim
  • 20 Who was the President of Indian National Congress during the Quit India movement?

    Ans : Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
  • 21 In which railway station of South Africa, Gandhiji was thrown out of a train?

    Ans : Petermaritzberg
  • 22 Who was the president of India when Bengladesh was formed in 1971?

    Ans : V.V.Giri
  • 23 Lal Bahadur Shastri is the first Prime Minister to born in 20th century. He was born in?

    Ans : 1904
  • 24 The jurist who gave verdict in Gandhi assassination Case?

    Ans : Atmacharan Aggarwal
  • 25 The second President of Indian National Congress?

    Ans : Dadabhai Navroji
  • 26 Which commission was enquired into the assassination of Indira Gandhi?

    Ans : Thakkar Commission
  • 27 Which portfolio was taken over by Jawaharlal Nehru from VK Krishna Menon in the wake of Chinese aggression of 1962?

    Ans : Defence
  • 28 Birla House, where Gandhiji was assassinated, is in?

    Ans : Delhi
  • 29 For how many days Gandhiji was imprisoned in South Africa?

    Ans : 249
  • 30 In his life, Gandhijji was undergone imprisonment for ...... days?

    Ans : 2338