Facts about India (Pages :25)

  • 661 In which Indian state was Bhoodan Movement launched?

    Ans : Pocahmapad
  • 662 India Gate is situated in?

    Ans : Delhi
  • 663 Which state is called theScotland of the East?

    Ans : Shillong
  • 664 Yakshagana is the dance form of?

    Ans : Karnataka
  • 665 Which state is known as the ‘Kohinoor of India’?

    Ans : Andhra Pradesh
  • 666 The first state in India to conduct elections to Panchayat Raj Institutions after the 73 rd amendment of the Constitution was brought into effect?

    Ans : Madhya Pradesh
  • 667 What percentage of the world area is occupied by India?

    Ans : 2.4
  • 668 In which Indian state is Vembanad Lake?

    Ans : Kerala
  • 669 With which country has India the longest border?

    Ans : Bangladesh
  • 670 The highest peak of western ghats or Sahyadri is Anaimudi. It is in?

    Ans : Kerala
  • 671 The meeting ground of eastern, western and southern ghats?

    Ans : Nilgiri Hills
  • 672 The highest peak of the Nilgiris?

    Ans : Dodabetta
  • 673 The river which marks the international boundary between India and Nepal?

    Ans : Gandak
  • 674 Which state has the largest acrage of forest in India?

    Ans : Madhya Pradesh
  • 675 Lunej Petrol producing area is located in?

    Ans : Gujarat
  • 676 In India, the first unit of cement industry was established in 1904 at?

    Ans : Chennai
  • 677 The tribal population in Andaman and Nicobar islands belong to the?

    Ans : Negroid race
  • 678 National Remote Sensing Agency is located in?

    Ans : Hyderabad
  • 679 The world’s highest road connects?

    Ans : LehManali
  • 680 The NH-44 is the longest national highway in India. It connects?

    Ans : SrinagarKanyakumari
  • 681 Into how many pincode zones the country divided?

    Ans : 8
  • 682 The earth station for satellite communication is located at?

    Ans : Arvi
  • 683 The STD facility was first introduced in 1960 between?

    Ans : Kanpur- Lucknow
  • 684 Which is called the ‘Ruhr of India’?

    Ans : Chotanagpur
  • 685 The only anthrapoid ape found in India?

    Ans : Hoolock Gibbon
  • 686 Which was the second district to achieve total literacy in India?

    Ans : Dakshin Kannada
  • 687 The passage between South Andaman and Little Andaman?

    Ans : Duncan Passage
  • 688 Where is Gulf of Mannar located?

    Ans : East of Tamil Nadu
  • 689 When were the states of India organised on a linguistic basis?

    Ans : 1956
  • 690 The highest peak in Indian territory including the disputed areas is K2. In which range it is located?

    Ans : Karakoram Range

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