History of India (Pages :37)

  • 1051 Punjab was annexed to British territories in the year?

    Ans : 1849
  • 1052 Who was the founder of Great Magadha Empire?

    Ans : Bimbisara
  • 1053 Buland Darwaza was built by Whom?

    Ans : Akbar
  • 1054 The title `Vikramaditya' was assumed by?

    Ans : Chandra Gupta II
  • 1055 The transfer of Capital to Devagiri from Delhi by Mohammed Bin Tuglak had one good effect that is?

    Ans : The country could now be governed from a central place
  • 1056 The most noteworthy difference between the Cholas and the other Indian rulers of the time is seen in?

    Ans : Cholas encouragement to Local Self Government in Villages
  • 1057 Who was the last Hindu King of Northern India?

    Ans : Harsha Vardhana
  • 1058 Railway was introduced in India by?

    Ans : Lord Dalhousie
  • 1059 Who designed City of Chandigarh?

    Ans : Le Corbousier
  • 1060 The first Women President of Indian National Congress?

    Ans : Annie Besant
  • 1061 Who wrote National Anthem of India?

    Ans : Rabindranath Tagore
  • 1062 Who gave the call "Dilli Chalo''?

    Ans : Subash Chandra Bose
  • 1063 Srikakulam is the Capital of which dynasty?

    Ans : Satavahanas
  • 1064 The author of "Natyasastra''?

    Ans : Bharathamuni
  • 1065 The famous Gayathri Manthram is in ....?

    Ans : Rig Veda
  • 1066 Who wrote Aryabhateeyam?

    Ans : Aryabhatta
  • 1067 "Call Him Ram, Rahim, Allah, Khuda, Hari, Govind but He is one'' Who proclaimed this?

    Ans : Tulsi Das
  • 1068 The Grand Trunk Road was built by?

    Ans : Sher shah Suri
  • 1069 Megasthenes was the ambassador of?

    Ans : Selecus Nikator
  • 1070 The battle of Plassey (1757) was fought between....?

    Ans : Robert Clive and Siraj - ud- daulah
  • 1071 "Kuchipudi'' dance form originated in?

    Ans : Kuchelapuram in Andhra Pradesh
  • 1072 Who founded the Sunga Dynasty?

    Ans : Pushyamitra Sunga
  • 1073 Patanjali lived in whose Court?

    Ans : Pushya Mitra's
  • 1074 Who is known as ``constantine of Budhism''?

    Ans : Asoka
  • 1075 Asoka was initiated to Budhism by whom?

    Ans : Upagupta
  • 1076 The last ruler of Satavahana dynasty?

    Ans : Yajnashri Satakarni
  • 1077 The Capital of Kanishka empire?

    Ans : Peshawar
  • 1078 Red Fort was built by whom?

    Ans : Shah Jahan
  • 1079 Which ruler of Gupta Dynasty adopted the name "Maharajadhiraja''?

    Ans : Chandragupta I
  • 1080 The Allahabad Pillar inscription composed by Harisena Contain.........?

    Ans : Informations about samudhragupta's conquest

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