History of India (Pages :37)

  • 91 From where Gandhiji passed matriculation?

    Ans : Ahmedabad
  • 92 From where was the Khilafat movement launched?

    Ans : Karachi
  • 93 From which University in USA, B.R.Ambedkar received his Ph.D.?

    Ans : Columbia
  • 94 From whom Gandhiji got the idea ‘Civil Disobedience’?

    Ans : Henry David Thoreau
  • 95 Gandhi ended his fast in Yervada prison which he started after the Communal Award of Ramsay Mc Donald, in consequent to?

    Ans : Pune Pact
  • 96 Gandhiji accorded very high priority to communal harmony in his programme of actions. At which place did he undertake his last fast for it on January 13, 1948?

    Ans : Delhi
  • 97 Gandhiji addressed Tagore as?

    Ans : Gurudev
  • 98 Gandhiji and General Smuts engaged in an agrrement in Pretoria in.... ?

    Ans : 1908
  • 99 Gandhiji arrived India from South Africa in the year?

    Ans : 1915
  • 100 Gandhiji believed that?

    Ans : End and means both should be justified
  • 101 First honorary president of All India Muslim League?

    Ans : Aga Khan III
  • 102 First joint session of Congress and Muslim League was held at Lucknow in?

    Ans : 1916
  • 103 First Justice Party Government was formed in?

    Ans : 1920
  • 104 Gandhiji was assassinated in?

    Ans : New Delhi
  • 105 Gandhiji was assassinated on?

    Ans : 30th January 1948
  • 106 Gandhiji was born in a ...... Family?

    Ans : Vaisya
  • 107 Gandhiji went to South Africa to appear in the court for the case of?

    Ans : Sait Abdulla
  • 108 Gandhiji who was sentenced for six years imprisonment in 1922, was released in?

    Ans : 1924
  • 109 The Viceroy when the Second World War was started?

    Ans : Linlithgo
  • 110 Gandhiji’s father passed away in?

    Ans : 1885
  • 111 Gandhijji was undergone for imprisonment for ...... days in his whole life?

    Ans : 2338
  • 112 ‘Generations to come, it may scarce to believe that such a one as him ever walked on this earth in flesh and blood”, who made this statement?

    Ans : Albert Einstein
  • 113 Godse, the assassin of Gandhiji, was the editor of?

    Ans : Hindu Rashtra
  • 114 Gomdhar Kunwar was the leader of which movement?

    Ans : Ahom Movement
  • 115 Gopala Krishna Gokhale passed away in?

    Ans : 1915
  • 116 Government of India Act of 1935 was introduced when .... was the Viceroy?

    Ans : Wellington
  • 117 ‘Hamdard’ was started by?

    Ans : Muhammad Ali
  • 118 He was a capitalist and served as the treasurer of AICC for many years and went in jail in 1930. Who was he?

    Ans : Jamnalal Bajaj
  • 119 He was born with a withered arm and no left hand. He was appointed Viceroy of India in 1926. Name this person?

    Ans : Irwin
  • 120 Gandhiji founded the Sabarmati Ashram in?

    Ans : 1915

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