Idioms and Phrases (Pages :39)

  • 91 Bolt from the blue

    Ans : A sudden calamity
  • 92 By force of

    Ans : With the help of
  • 93 Broad day light

    Ans : The clear light of day; when it is easy to see
  • 94 Bid farewell to

    Ans : The act of saying good bye to somebody
  • 95 Breathe one's last

    Ans : To die
  • 96 Cat and dog's life

    Ans : A life full of quarrelling
  • 97 Come to light

    Ans : To be revealed
  • 98 Castles in the air

    Ans : Plans or dreams that are not likely to happen or come true
  • 99 Cut a sorry figure

    Ans : Not to get on properly
  • 100 Come true

    Ans : To prove the truth
  • 101 Cry in the wilderness

    Ans : An ineffective demand
  • 102 Cut and dried

    Ans : Decided in a. way that cannot be changed or argued about
  • 103 Child's play

    Ans : A very easy task
  • 104 Come to blow

    Ans : To fight
  • 105 Come into force

    Ans : To start being used
  • 106 Capital punishment

    Ans : Death penalty
  • 107 Chicken hearted

    Ans : Timid
  • 108 Cold war

    Ans : A very unfriendly Relationship between two countries who are not actually fighting each other
  • 109 Cold blooded

    Ans : Showing no feelings or pity for other people
  • 110 Close shave

    Ans : A narrow escape
  • 111 Cock and bull story

    Ans : A story that is unlikely to be true but is used as an explanation or excuse
  • 112 Dead against

    Ans : Just opposite
  • 113 Deadline

    Ans : A point in time by which something must be done
  • 114 Day in; day out

    Ans : Every day for a long period of time
  • 115 Die in harness

    Ans : To die at work-place
  • 116 Dead letter

    Ans : A law or an agreement that still exists but that is ignored
  • 117 Dark horse

    Ans : One who suddenly comes into light
  • 118 Dry facts

    Ans : Truthfulness
  • 119 Do away with

    Ans : To stop doing or having something; to make something end
  • 120

    Ans : Do as possible as

"What's done is done. What's gone is gone. One of life's lessons is always moving on. It’s okay to look back to see how far you’ve come but keep moving forward"

-  Roy T. Bennett
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