Idioms and Phrases (Pages :39)

  • 121 Do-in-the manager policy

    Ans : The principle by which one does not gain oneself and the other person does not gain
  • 122 Due to

    Ans : Owing to; because of
  • 123 Double minded

    Ans : Confused; have different opinions
  • 124 Dead loss

    Ans : A person or thing that is not helpful or useful
  • 125 Dowell

    Ans : To progress; to get fame
  • 126 Down and out

    Ans : Without money; a home or a job and living on the streets
  • 127 Drop a subject

    Ans : To abandon or omit a matter
  • 128 Drop in on

    Ans : To pay an informal visit to a person or a place
  • 129 Drop out of

    Ans : To no longer take part in or be part of something
  • 130 Draw a line

    Ans : To fix a limit
  • 131 Ease someone out

    Ans : To force somebody to leave a job or position of authority
  • 132 Every now and then

    Ans : Use to say how often something happens or is done
  • 133 Escape one's lips

    Ans : To speak sliply
  • 134 Escape notice

    Ans : Don't mind
  • 135 Eat out

    Ans : To have a meal in a restaurant
  • 136 Eat one's words

    Ans : To return one's word
  • 137 Eat humble pie

    Ans : To say and show that you are sorry for a mistake that you made
  • 138 Far and near

    Ans : Around the surroundings
  • 139 For good

    Ans : For good and all; for ever
  • 140 For fear of

    Ans : To avoid the danger of something happening
  • 141 Fair and square

    Ans : Honestly and according to the rules
  • 142 From head to foot

    Ans : Covering your whole body
  • 143 For the time being

    Ans : In the present time
  • 144 Fast living

    Ans : Luxurious life
  • 145 Fish out of water

    Ans : To be like one out of one's element
  • 146 Fool's paradise

    Ans : Foolish ideas
  • 147 For nothing

    Ans : Without payment
  • 148 Far and away

    Ans : By a very great amount
  • 149 Few and far between

    Ans : Not frequently ; not happening often
  • 150 From bad to worse

    Ans : To get even worse

"The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it. "

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