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MCQs on Information Technology and Cyber Laws for PSC, SSC, Banking, Railway exams

  • 91 To make the number pad act as directional arrows, you press the _______ key.?

    (A) Num Lock
    (B) Caps Lock
    (C) Arrow Lock
    (D) Shift
    (E) none of these
  • 92 Which of the following menu types is also called a drop-down menu?

    (A) Fly-down
    (B) Pop-down
    (C) Pop-up
    (D) Pull-down
    (E) none of these
  • 93 What is an onscreen picture that represents objects, such as a program or file?

    (A) Spool
    (B) NOS
    (C) Page
    (D) Icon
    (E) none of these
  • 94 A(n) _________ backup contains a copy of every program, data, and system file on a computer.?

    (A) restoration
    (B) full
    (C) bootstrap
    (D) none of these
  • 95 Of the five words listed below, find the odd man out.?

    (A) Applications
    (B) Peripherals
    (C) Programs
    (D) Software
    (E) none of these
  • 96 Which of the following is specifically designed as a special-purpose computer?

    (A) Mainframe computer
    (B) Special purpose computer
    (C) Portable computer
    (D) Super computer
    (E) none of these
  • 97 When the pointer is positioned on a ________, it is shaped like a hand.?

    (A) grammar error
    (B) hyperlink
    (C) screen tip
    (D) spelling error
    (E) none of these
  • 98 Which process checks to ensure the components of the computer are operating and connected properly?

    (A) Booting
    (B) Processing
    (C) Saving
    (D) Editing
    (E) none of these
  • 99 What is the default file extension for all Word documents?

    (A) TXT
    (B) WRD
    (C) FIL
    (D) DOC
    (E) none of these
  • 100 Which is the part of the computer system that one can physically touch?

    (A) data
    (B) operating systems
    (C) hardware
    (D) software
    (E) none of these
  • 101 Applications are often referred to as?

    (A) data file
    (B) executable files
    (C) system software
    (D) the operating system
    (E) none of these
  • 102 Collecting personal information and effectively posing as another individual is known as?

    (A) spooling
    (B) spoofing
    (C) hacking
    (D) identify theft
    (E) none of these
  • 103 The _______ file format is a method of encoding pictures on a computer.?

    (A) HTML
    (B) JPEG
    (C) FTP
    (D) URL
    (E) none of these
  • 104 The HTML code written in a text editor to make web-pages, is?

    (A) HTML coding tags
    (B) source code
    (C) source element
    (D) tags
    (E) none of these
  • 105 The basic building block of a database that contains related records is?

    (A) Report
    (B) Form
    (C) Table
    (D) Edited Page
    (E) none of these
  • 106 What are lists of programs waiting to be run called?

    (A) Shells
    (B) The background
    (C) Queues
    (D) Lists
    (E) none of these
  • 107 An example of peripheral equipment is the?

    (A) printer
    (B) CPU
    (C) ALU
    (D) microcomputer
    (E) none of these
  • 108 A collection of related information sorted and dealt with as a unit is called a?

    (A) disk
    (B) data
    (C) file
    (D) floppy
    (E) none of these
  • 109 An error is also known as?

    (A) bug
    (B) debug
    (C) cursor
    (D) icon
    (E) none of these
  • 110 In a database, ________ fields store numbers used to perform calculations.?

    (A) next
    (B) key
    (C) alphanumeric
    (D) numeric
    (E) none of these
  • 111 The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data in Excel is called a?

    (A) tab
    (B) cell
    (C) box
    (D) range
    (E) none of these
  • 112 _________ is the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors.?

    (A) Tracking
    (B) Formatting
    (C) Crashing
    (D) Allotting
    (E) none of these
  • 113 Which ports connect special types of music instruments to sound cards?

    (A) BUS
    (B) CPU
    (C) USB
    (D) MIDI
    (E) none of these
  • 114 The process of transferring files from a computer on the Internet to your computer is called?

    (A) downloading
    (B) uploading
    (C) FTP
    (D) JPEG
    (E) none of these
  • 115 The most common type of storage devices are?

    (A) persistent
    (B) optical
    (C) magnetic
    (D) flash
    (E) none of these
  • 116 _________ invented the mechanical calculator for adding numbers.?

    (A) Charles Babbage
    (B) Isaac Newton
    (C) Blaise Pascal
    (D) EF Codd
    (E) none of these
  • 117 To find the Paste Spacial option, you use the Clipboard group on the ________ tab of PowerPoint.?

    (A) Design
    (B) Slide show
    (C) Page Layout
    (D) Home
    (E) none of these
  • 118 The software that is used to create text-based documents is referred to as?

    (A) DBMS
    (B) suites
    (C) spreadsheets
    (D) word processors
    (E) none of these
  • 119 A collection of interrelated files in a computer is a?

    (A) file manager
    (B) field
    (C) record
    (D) database
    (E) none of these
  • 120 For creating a document, you use _______command at File Menu.?

    (A) Open
    (B) Close
    (C) New
    (D) Save
    (E) none of these

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