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MCQs on Information Technology and Cyber Laws for PSC, SSC, Banking, Railway exams

  • 121 An output device that lets you see what the computer is doing is called a?

    (A) disk drive
    (B) monitor screen
    (C) shift key
    (D) Printer
  • 122 Bit stands for?

    (A) binary system
    (B) digital byte
    (C) binary digit
    (D) binary unit
  • 123 _________ is the most popular Internet activity.?

    (A) Art
    (B) Shopping
    (C) Searching
    (D) Entertainment
  • 124 Computers process binary numbers, which are composed of _________.?

    (A) 1s and 2s
    (B) 2s and 4s
    (C) 1s and 10s
    (D) 0s and 1s
  • 125 The ________, also called the Web, contains billons of documents.?

    (A) World Wide Web
    (B) HTTP
    (C) Webportal
    (D) domain
  • 126 A menu contains a list of?

    (A) commands
    (B) data
    (C) objects
    (D) reports
  • 127 Choose the web browser among the following:?

    (A) MSN messenger
    (B) Yahoo messenger
    (D) Netscape Navigator
  • 128 Underline text, such as text and folder names, is referred to as a(n)?

    (A) icon
    (B) hyperlink
    (C) menu
    (D) source drive
  • 129 To take information from one source and bring it to your computer is referred to as?

    (A) upload
    (B) download
    (C) transfer
    (D) de-link
  • 130 Each box in a spreadsheet is called a?

    (A) cell
    (B) empty space
    (C) record
    (D) field
  • 131 Menus are a part of the?

    (A) hardware
    (B) user interface
    (C) status bar
    (D) monitor
    (E) none of these
  • 132 A personal computer is designed to meet the computing needs of a (n)?

    (A) individual
    (B) department
    (C) company
    (D) city
    (E) none of these
  • 133 A byte can hold one _____________of data.?

    (A) bit
    (B) binary digit
    (C) character
    (D) kilobyte
    (E) none of these
  • 134 ">" symbol in DOS commands is use to?

    (A) compare two values
    (B) Redirect input
    (C) Redirect output
    (D) Filter data
    (E) none of these
  • 135 System proposal is prepared in _____________ phase of SDLC.?

    (A) Conception
    (B) Initiation
    (C) Analysis
    (D) Design
    (E) none of these
  • 136 The errors that can be found out by a compiler are?

    (A) Logical errors
    (B) Internal errors
    (C) Semantic errors
    (D) syntax errors
    (E) none of these
  • 137 _____________ is used to add or put into your document a picture or text.?

    (A) TV
    (B) Squeeze in
    (C) Push in
    (D) Insert
    (E) none of these
  • 138 Excel documents are stored as files called?

    (A) workforce
    (B) worksheets
    (C) worktables
    (D) workgroups
    (E) none of these
  • 139 Choices are referred to as?

    (A) options
    (B) exit
    (C) boot
    (D) folder
    (E) none of these
  • 140 Holding the mouse button down while moving an object or text is known as?

    (A) moving
    (B) dragging
    (C) dropping
    (D) highlighting
    (E) none of these
  • 141 A device that connects to a network without the use of cables is said to be?

    (A) distributed
    (B) cabled
    (C) open source
    (D) wireless
    (E) None of these
  • 142 In Word, which menu would the user select to print a document?

    (A) Tools
    (B) File
    (C) View
    (D) Window
    (E) None of these
  • 143 What type of keys are 'ctrl' and 'shift'?

    (A) adjustment
    (B) function
    (C) miodifier
    (D) alphanumeric
    (E) None of these
  • 144 A word gets selected by clicking it to s____________ in Word.?

    (A) once
    (B) twice
    (C) thrice
    (D) four times
    (E) None of these
  • 145 What is the storage area for email messages called?

    (A) Folder
    (B) Directory
    (C) Inbox
    (D) Hard disk
    (E) None of these
  • 146 A desktop computer is also known as a _____________.?

    (A) Palm Pilot
    (B) PC
    (C) laptop
    (D) mainframe
    (E) None of these
  • 147 Because of their size and cost, which computers are relatively rare?

    (A) Mini computers
    (B) Microcomputers
    (C) Laptops
    (D) Supercomputers
    (E) None of these
  • 148 RAM is an acronym for?

    (A) Read All Memory
    (B) Read Any Memory
    (C) Random Area Memory
    (D) Random Access Memory
    (E) None of these
  • 149 Which of the following is not an example of hardware?

    (A) Word
    (B) Printer
    (C) Monitor
    (D) Mouse
    (E) None of these
  • 150 In Oracle, who owns the data dictionary?

    (A) Oracle
    (B) SYS
    (C) The DBA
    (D) SYSTEM
    (E) none of these

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