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MCQs on Information Technology and Cyber Laws for PSC, SSC, Banking, Railway exams

  • 181 A software used to convert source program instructions to object instruction is known as?

    (A) compiler
    (B) Assembler
    (C) Interpreter
    (D) Language processor
    (E) None of these
  • 182 The chip, used in computers, is made of?

    (A) chromium
    (B) Iron oxide
    (C) Silica
    (D) Silicon
    (E) None of these
  • 183 Name the first general purpose electronic computer.?

    (A) ADVAC
    (B) EDVAC
    (C) UNIVAC
    (D) EDSAC
    (E) None of these
  • 184 The size of commonly used floppy disk is?

    (A) 4.5
    (B) 3.5
    (C) 5.5
    (D) 2.5
    (E) None of these
  • 185 Which of the following statements is wrong?

    (A) Windows XP is an operating system
    (B) Linux is owned and sold by Microsoft
    (C) Photoshop is a graphical design tool by adobe
    (D) Linux is free and open source software
    (E) None of the above
  • 186 Operating system of a computer?

    (A) Enables the programmer to draw a flowchart
    (B) Links a program with subroutine with references
    (C) Provides a layer; user-friendly interface
    (D) Hardware of computer
    (E) None of the above
  • 187 _____________ is an area of a computer that temporarily holds data waiting to be processed, stored or output.?

    (A) Storage
    (B) Motherboard
    (C) CPU
    (D) Memory
    (E) None of these
  • 188 What is the name of a computer pointing input device?

    (A) Monitor
    (B) Mouse
    (C) Modem
    (D) Keyboard
    (E) None of these
  • 189 The process of writing computer instructions in a programming language is known as?

    (A) Instructioning
    (B) Coding
    (C) Filing
    (D) Processing
    (E) None of these
  • 190 Which of the following is not one of the basic components of a desktop personal computer system?

    (A) Input Device
    (B) Storage Devices
    (C) Internet
    (D) System Unit
    (E) None of these
  • 191 Which of the following is not an output device in a computer system?

    (A) Printer
    (B) Keyboard
    (C) Monitor
    (D) Speaker
    (E) None of these
  • 192 What do we use to change the appearance and positioning of text document in MS Word?

    (A) Scaling
    (B) Editing
    (C) Formatting
    (D) Indenting
    (E) None of these
  • 193 Which of the following not a storage device?

    (A) A Hard Disk
    (B) A DVD
    (C) A Scanner
    (D) A CD
    (E) None of these
  • 194 What kind of scheme is the HTTP protocol?

    (A) get/put
    (B) store/forward
    (C) search/return
    (D) request/response
    (E) None of these
  • 195 A collection of interrelated records is called a?

    (A) spreadsheet
    (B) database
    (C) text file
    (D) folder
    (E) None of these
  • 196 To reload a Web page, press the ____________ button.?

    (A) Redo
    (B) Reload
    (C) Refresh
    (D) Ctrl
    (E) None of these
  • 197 The operating system is the most common type of _________ software.?

    (A) application
    (B) presentation software
    (C) system
    (D) communication
    (E) None of these
  • 198 Which of the following is not a type of computer network?

    (A) PAN
    (B) LAN
    (C) WAN
    (D) MAN
    (E) TAN
  • 199 Connections to other documents or to other locations within a Web site are?

    (A) hyperlinks
    (B) bots
    (C) hyperconnects
    (D) filters
    (E) None of these
  • 200 The largest unit of digital information is?

    (A) Kilobyte
    (B) Byte
    (C) Terabyte
    (D) Megabyte
    (E) None of these
  • 201 Programs such as Mozilla Firefox that serve as navigable windows into web are called?

    (A) Networks
    (B) Hyperlinks
    (C) Web browsers
    (D) URLs
    (E) None of these
  • 202 Which of the following is contained at the end of the computer file name and helps to determine the type of file?

    (A) File sub-name
    (B) File property
    (C) File extension
    (D) File name
    (E) None of these
  • 203 Which of the following is a text-based operating system?

    (A) MS-DOS
    (B) Windows 95
    (C) Windows XP
    (D) Windows CE
    (E) None of these
  • 204 The ‘http’ you type at the beginning of any site’s address stands for?

    (A) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
    (B) Hyperspace Techniques and Technology Progress
    (C) Hyperspace Terms and Technology Protocol
    (D) HTML Transfer Technology Process
    (E) None of these
  • 205 GUI in computing stands for?

    (A) General User Interaction
    (B) Graphical User Interface
    (C) Graphical Utility Interface
    (D) Good User Interface
    (E) None of these
  • 206 VoIP stands for?

    (A) Vote over IP
    (B) Voice over IP
    (C) Voice on IP
    (D) Vendor over IP
    (E) None of these
  • 207 A small picture that represents either a program or a shortcut on a computer screen is?

    (A) a pointer
    (B) a logo
    (C) a graphics
    (D) an icon
    (E) None of these
  • 208 The speed of a PC is measured in?

    (A) megabytes
    (B) Megahertz
    (C) Milliseconds
    (D) Kilo seconds
    (E) None of these
  • 209 __________ is the maximum number of horizontal and vertical pixels that are displayed on the screen?

    (A) Pixel
    (B) Resolution
    (C) Screen Size
    (D) Reflection
    (E) None of these
  • 210 Which component of a computer system performs arithmetic calculations?

    (A) CU
    (B) ALU
    (C) CPU
    (D) Memory
    (E) None of these

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