Objective General Knowledge (Pages :518)

  • 31 Which was the Princely State which acceeded to the Indian Union after a plebiscite?

    Ans : Junagadh
  • 32 Galvanised iron sheets have a coating of which metal?

    Ans : Zinc
  • 33 Palaeobotany is the branch of botany; what do we study about in this branch?

    Ans : Plant fossils
  • 34 What is the time required by moonlight to reach the earth?

    Ans : 1.3 sec
  • 35 Who wrote Sanskrit Grammar?

    Ans : Panini
  • 36 Which Mahajanapada was situated on the bank of river Godawari?

    Ans : Assaka
  • 37 Journalist’s day was celebrated for the first time all over the country on which date?

    Ans : Oct 1; 1984
  • 38 “The Vedas contain all the truth” was interpreted by which person?

    Ans : Swami Dayanand
  • 39 Which state in India has the largest area under forests?

    Ans : Madhya Pradesh
  • 40 What is the major source of oceanic salinity?

    Ans : Rivers
  • 41 Which property of the elements is a whole number?

    Ans : Atomic number
  • 42 At present the Rajya Sabha consists of how many members?

    Ans : 245
  • 43 Which waterfall in India has the most height?

    Ans : Kunchikal Falls
  • 44 Between which dates there is a continual daylight or summer in the Arctic regions?

    Ans : 21st March to 23rd September
  • 45 Which Directive Principle of State Policy has NOT been implemented so far?

    Ans : Uniform civil code for the citizens
  • 46 Who is the first non-Indian to receive the Bharat Ratna?

    Ans : Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
  • 47 The word “biodiversity” is a combination of which two words?

    Ans : Biology and diversity
  • 48 Hyder Ali was defeated at porto Novo by which British General?

    Ans : Sir Eyrecoot
  • 49 Who was the largest serving Chief Minister in India?

    Ans : Jyoti Basu
  • 50 Aravalli ranges are an example of which mountains?

    Ans : Residual mountains
  • 51 Who is the author of the book ‘My Country; My Life’?

    Ans : L.K. Advani
  • 52 Economic Planning is a subject of which list?

    Ans : Union List
  • 53 In respect of which states has Union Parliament power to legislate on the subjects of all three lists?

    Ans : Union Territories
  • 54 In the Interim Government formed in the year 1946; who held the portfolio of Defence?

    Ans : Baldev Singh
  • 55 Who was the Finance Minister of India in the Interim Government during 1946-1947?

    Ans : R. K. Shanmukham Chetty
  • 56 Which is the basis of modern periodic table?

    Ans : Atomic number
  • 57 Which is the major silk producing state in India?

    Ans : Karnataka
  • 58 Which is similar to the Taj Mahal in construction?

    Ans : Humayun’s tomb
  • 59 When is International Day for Tolerance; recognized– the UN is observed?

    Ans : 16-Nov-2017
  • 60 Why is tetracycline is used?

    Ans : As anti-plague drug

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