Objective General Knowledge (Pages :518)

  • 61 Which of appointment is not made by the President of India?

    Ans : Speaker of the Lok Sabha
  • 62 How are the Himalayan rivers?

    Ans : Snow fed
  • 63 On which date was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated?

    Ans : January 30; 1948
  • 64 What is the role of in the rabbit and horse; the appendix?

    Ans : It helps in digestion of cellulose
  • 65 By whom was the temple of Konark built?

    Ans : Narsimha of the Eastern Ganges
  • 66 Which chamber of human heart pumps fully oxy; genated blood to aorta and hence to the body?

    Ans : Left Ventricle
  • 67 Who is competent to prescribe conditions as for acquiring Indian citizenship?

    Ans : Parliament
  • 68 Which polymer is widely used for making bullet proof material?

    Ans : Polyethylene
  • 69 Which President of-India served for two terms?

    Ans : Rajendra Prasad
  • 70 The first Muslim conquest of the Hindu Kingdoms of Deccan was effected by whose forces?

    Ans : Alauddin Khilji
  • 71 Which animal was known to ancient Vedic people?

    Ans : Lion
  • 72 Which sets of cities is located on the reference longitude for Indian standard time?

    Ans : Kakinanda-Pondicherry
  • 73 Charles Correa has distinguished himself in which field?

    Ans : Architecture
  • 74 Who is known as the Ught of Asia?

    Ans : Lord Buddha
  • 75 Where is the headquarters of Food and Agriculture Organisation?

    Ans : Rome
  • 76 Who was the Mughal Emperor to have lifted the Jaziya on Hindus?

    Ans : Akbar
  • 77 What does the outermost whorl of Bougainvillea flower consist of?

    Ans : Bract
  • 78 Energy transferred to a person through gamma rays is measured in by which unit?

    Ans : Roentgens
  • 79 To a space traveller on moon; how does the lunar sky during day time appear?

    Ans : Black
  • 80 In which process the internal energy of a system remains constant?

    Ans : Isothermal
  • 81 Where are Tapovan and Vishnugarh Hydroelectric Projects located?

    Ans : Uttarakhand
  • 82 Mercury is transported in metal containers made of which metal?

    Ans : Iron
  • 83 The President of the Indian Union has the same constitutional authority as which country?

    Ans : British Monarch
  • 84 Rajiv Gandhi National Flying Institute is has been established in which State?

    Ans : Maharashtra
  • 85 Which is the God who is the most prominent in ‘Rigaveda’?

    Ans : Indra
  • 86 With which can Radio wave of constant amplitude be generated?

    Ans : Oscillator
  • 87 What is the growth movement in plant due to light called?

    Ans : Phototropism
  • 88 Feroz Gandhi Award; is given for outstanding performance in which field?

    Ans : Journalism
  • 89 Who was first President of U.S.A. to visit India?

    Ans : D. W. Eisenhower
  • 90 Which was the Sultan who called himself Naib-i-Khudai or Deputy of the God;?

    Ans : Balban

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