Objective General Knowledge (Pages :518)

  • 91 Which Indian epic was filmed by British Director Peter Brook?

    Ans : Mahabharat
  • 92 Of which purpose was Nationalisation of banks done?

    Ans : Consolidating the economy
  • 93 Which National Highways of India is the longest?

    Ans : NH 7
  • 94 During which Gupta king’s reign did the chinese traveller Fahien visit India?

    Ans : Chandragupta II
  • 95 Which antimicrobial drug is suitable for treatment of both tuberculosis and leprosy?

    Ans : Rifampicin
  • 96 For which snake is the diet mainly composed of their snakes?

    Ans : Kinqcobra
  • 97 The United Nations declared 2010 as which International Year?

    Ans : Seafarer
  • 98 The mass-energy relation is the outcome of which theory?

    Ans : Special theory of relativity
  • 99 Who deserves the credit for contruction of Lal Quila?

    Ans : Shahjahan
  • 100 Which rulers held a religious assembly at Prayag every five years?

    Ans : Harshavardhana
  • 101 By whom was the Indian Independence League set up?

    Ans : Ras Behari Bose
  • 102 Regatta is associated with which sports event?

    Ans : Rowing
  • 103 Kamlesh Mehta has distinguished hems elf in which game/sport?

    Ans : Table Tennis
  • 104 Which colour of heat radiation represents the highest temperature?

    Ans : White
  • 105 Who founded the French School of Regional Geography?

    Ans : Paul Vidal de in Blache
  • 106 Mirage is observed in a desert due to the phenomenon of which reflection?

    Ans : Total reflection
  • 107 In which year was the first no confidence motion moved in the Lok Sabha after independence?

    Ans : 1963
  • 108 Thanatology is the study of what?

    Ans : Death
  • 109 The first neutron reactor of India; ‘Kamini’; is situated at which place?

    Ans : Kalpakkam
  • 110 Which crop enrich the soil with nitrogen?

    Ans : Pea
  • 111 Which Sultan founded a town where now stands Agra?

    Ans : Sikandar Lodi
  • 112 Soil can best be conserved on the hills by which of the cultivating methods?

    Ans : Contour ploughing
  • 113 Where does rainfall from the south-west monsoon reach?

    Ans : Delta region of Mahanadi
  • 114 In which organ of the human body are the lymphocyte cells formed?

    Ans : Spleen
  • 115 Who was the first PM of England?

    Ans : Gladstone
  • 116 Where are the islands of Seychelles located?

    Ans : Indian Ocean
  • 117 In India; in which was the service tax first introduced?

    Ans : 1994
  • 118 What is the title of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s autobiography?

    Ans : Wings of Fire
  • 119 During which Plan did prices show a decline?

    Ans : First
  • 120 The tendency of liquid drop to contract and why does it occupy minimum area?

    Ans : Due to Surface tension

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