Objective General Knowledge (Pages :518)

  • 121 Where is the headquarters of Oil and National Gas Commission?

    Ans : Dehradun
  • 122 Which is the example of crater lake?

    Ans : Oregon
  • 123 Why are the movements of leaves of the sensitive plant Mimosa pundica?

    Ans : Due to Seismonasty
  • 124 What is the slow wobbling of Earth as it spins on its axis called?

    Ans : Precession
  • 125 Which form an irreversible complex With haemoglobin of blood?

    Ans : Carbon monoxide
  • 126 Which crop are grown mainly in the irrigated areas during Zaid?

    Ans : Moong and Urad
  • 127 Primitive people practice animal rearing in the tropical grasslands of which area?

    Ans : East Africa
  • 128 Kodaikanal; the famous hill-station of South India; is situated on which hills?

    Ans : Palni hills
  • 129 Why can Insects move on the surface of water without sinking?

    Ans : Due to Surface tension of water
  • 130 Neap tides occur during which phase of the moon?

    Ans : First and third quarter
  • 131 Which type of forest exhibits highest bio-diversity?

    Ans : Tropical rain forest
  • 132 Indian Standard Meridian’ passes through which states?

    Ans : UP; MP Orissa and AP
  • 133 Who won the Hockey Gold (men) in the 1992 Barcelona Games?

    Ans : Germany
  • 134 Which tissue is responsible for the secondary growth?

    Ans : Cambium
  • 135 Who was the founder of the Nanda dynasty?

    Ans : Mahapadma Nanda
  • 136 By what name is the Ganga known in Bangladesh?

    Ans : Padma
  • 137 The first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930 Which country hosted the games?

    Ans : Canada
  • 138 In which year was Vande Mataram first sung at the session of the Indian National Congress?

    Ans : 1896
  • 139 Which local wind is not characteristically hot and dry?

    Ans : Mistral
  • 140 Why are the Fundamental Freedoms under Article 19 suspended during emergency?

    Ans : War or external aggression
  • 141 How many Regional Commissions are established by the UN Economic and Social Council?

    Ans : 5
  • 142 Jaspal Rana is a distinguished athlete in which game?

    Ans : Shooting
  • 143 In which year was the Indus Valley Civilisation discovered?

    Ans : 1921
  • 144 Machael Ferrrera is associated with which game?

    Ans : Snooker
  • 145 To which group do the tribals of central and southern India belong?

    Ans : Proto-Australoids
  • 146 Which decade is celebrated as decade of Action for road safety?

    Ans : 2011-2020
  • 147 Which region has internal drainage?

    Ans : Rajasthan
  • 148 What is the major ingredient of leather?

    Ans : Collagen
  • 149 Who was the founder of the second Afghan Empire in India?

    Ans : Sher Shah Suri
  • 150 During the Sangam Age; Uraiyur was the capital of which ruler?

    Ans : Cholas

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