Objective General Knowledge (Pages :518)

  • 181 The United Nations declared 2013 as the International Year of which coperation?

    Ans : Water Cooperation
  • 182 During the Mughal rule; by which name was the copper coin known?

    Ans : Dam
  • 183 Which Public Sector bank’ emblem figures a dog and the words ‘faithful; friendly’ in it?

    Ans : Syndicate Bank
  • 184 Buddha and Mahavira died during which reign?

    Ans : Ajatashatru
  • 185 Fluorescent tubes are fitted with a choke. What does the choke coil?

    Ans : Reduces current in the circuit
  • 186 Which natural region is best known for the production of grapes?

    Ans : Mediterranean
  • 187 Why are Clear nights cooler than cloudy nights?

    Ans : Because of radiation
  • 188 What is a glass sided tank; bowl in which aquatic animals live?

    Ans : Aquarium
  • 189 Which structure was constructed by Emperor Akbar in Fatehpur Sikri?

    Ans : Panch Mahal
  • 190 On which bank is Hampi is situated?

    Ans : Tungabhadra
  • 191 Where is the headquarters of International Olympic Committee?

    Ans : At Lausanne (Switzerland)
  • 192 Who was the first monarch of Magadh kingdom In the sixth century B.C.?

    Ans : Bimbisara
  • 193 Which works is ascribed to the famous poet Rajasekhara?

    Ans : Karpurmanjari
  • 194 The year 1995 is the golden Jubilee year of which international organisations?

    Ans : UNO
  • 195 Which is poorest state in India?

    Ans : Orissa
  • 196 The source of India’s sovereignty lies in which thing?

    Ans : Preamble to the Constitution
  • 197 Who has scored the slowest century in the test cricket?

    Ans : Mudassar Nazar
  • 198 In which latitudes largest quantities of bauxite is found?

    Ans : Tropical latitudes
  • 199 The Karakoram Highway connects which pairs of countries?

    Ans : China-Pakistan
  • 200 Which Gupta ruler was related to the Licchavis on his mother's side?

    Ans : Samudragupta
  • 201 Which helped to develop close ties between the government and the masses?

    Ans : Ryotwari Settlement
  • 202 Where is the average annual rainfall highest?

    Ans : Shillong
  • 203 Insects that can transmit diseases to human are referred to as which name?

    Ans : Vectors
  • 204 Which craftsmanship was not practised by the Aryans?

    Ans : Blacksmith
  • 205 Total number of Postal Zones?

    Ans : 8
  • 206 What is the main constituent of vinegar?

    Ans : Acetic acid
  • 207 Which mammal rolls itself into ball at the time of danger?

    Ans : Hedgehog
  • 208 In which Photosynthesis occurs?

    Ans : Chloroplast
  • 209 What is the permissible level of noise in a silent zone at daytime?

    Ans : 75 dB.
  • 210 Where will the winter youth Olympics Games 2016 be held?

    Ans : Lillehammer

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