Physics (Objective) (Pages :44)

  • 1 Father of Nuclear Physics?

    Ans : Ernest Rutherford
  • 2 Father of Indian Nuclear Programme?

    Ans : Homi.J. Bhabha
  • 3 Two types of Units are?

    Ans : Fundamental Units and Derived Units
  • 4 Fundamental units can be expressed in 3 kinds of measuring systems such as?

    Ans : CGS; MKS and FPS
  • 5 The Units which are derived from fundamental units?

    Ans : Derived Units
  • 6 Modified form of MKS System?

    Ans : SI (System International)
  • 7 Globally approved form of unit system is?

    Ans : SI system
  • 8 Physical quantities are divided into?

    Ans : Scalar quantity & Vector quantity
  • 9 Physical quantity having only magnitude, but no direction?

    Ans : Scalar quantity eg : Mass; Length; Time etc
  • 10 Physical quantity having both magnitude and direction?

    Ans : Vector quantity eg: Velocity; Momentum; Force etc
  • 11 99% of matter in the Universe is in?

    Ans : Plasma form
  • 12 Fifth state of matter?

    Ans : Bose Einstein condensate
  • 13 Bose Einstein condensate was first predicted by?

    Ans : Sathyendra Nath Bose and Albert Einstein
  • 14 The pure Bose Einstein was first created by?

    Ans : Eric Cornell and Carl Wieman
  • 15 The quark model of matter was discovered by?

    Ans : Murray Gell Mann and George Sick
  • 16 The particle made up of quarks and Gluons?

    Ans : Hadrons
  • 17 Most stable form of hadrons are?

    Ans : Protons and Neutrons
  • 18 The energy carriers in the matter?

    Ans : Bosons$
  • 19 Bosons which carry electromagnetic force are?

    Ans : Photons
  • 20 Bosons which carry weak nuclear force?

    Ans : W & Z Bosons
  • 21 Bosons which carry strong nuclear force are?

    Ans : Gluons
  • 22 Higgs Boson was discovered on?

    Ans : 2012 july 4
  • 23 Particle which is known as 'God particle'?

    Ans : Higgs Boson
  • 24 The particle which gives the property of mass to the matter?

    Ans : Higgs Boson
  • 25 The particle which is considered the building blocks of all life?

    Ans : Higgs Boson
  • 26 Higgs Boson was discovered at?

    Ans : CERN
  • 27 The Indian scientist related to the term Boson?

    Ans : Sathyendra Nath Bose
  • 28 Unit of work is?

    Ans : louie or Nm
  • 29 In CGS System the unit of work is?

    Ans : erg [1 joule = 10^7erg]
  • 30 The rate of doing work is called?

    Ans : Power [Power = Work/Time]

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