Physics (Objective) (Pages :44)

  • 31 Unit of power is?

    Ans : Watt or joule/sec
  • 32 Power is a?

    Ans : scalar quantity
  • 33 Power is Measured in?

    Ans : Horse power [1 Horse power =746 watt]
  • 34 The capacity to do a work is called?

    Ans : Energy
  • 35 Unit of energy is?

    Ans : Joule
  • 36 The energy developed on a body when a work done on that?

    Ans : Mechanical energy
  • 37 Two types of Mechanical energy are -?

    Ans : Kinetic energy and Potential energy
  • 38 Energy possessed by a body due to its motion is called?

    Ans : Kinetic Energy
  • 39 If velocity is doubled, kinetic energy become?

    Ans : Four times
  • 40 If the mass of a moving body is doubled, its kinetic energy is?

    Ans : Doubled
  • 41 Energy possessed by a body, by virtue of its position is called?

    Ans : Potential Energy [PE = mgh ] [m=mass; g = acceleration due to gravity; h = height]
  • 42 Energy stored in a compressed string is?

    Ans : Potential Energy
  • 43 Energy stored in a water reservoir is?

    Ans : Potential Energy
  • 44 Potential energy of an object at a ground level is?

    Ans : Zero
  • 45 Potential energy increases as the height?

    Ans : Increases
  • 46 When a free falling object approaches the earth, its potential energy?

    Ans : Decreases
  • 47 Law of Conservation of Energy is put forward by?

    Ans : Albert Einstein (E =mc2 (m = mass; C = Velocity of light)
  • 48 Einstein proposed the Special Theory of Relativity in?

    Ans : 1905
  • 49 Einstein proposed the General Theory of Relativity in?

    Ans : 1915
  • 50 The change in posltion of an object over time is called?

    Ans : Motion
  • 51 Actual length travelled by a body is called?

    Ans : Distance
  • 52 Shortest distance from the initial to the final position of a body is called?

    Ans : Displacement.
  • 53 The study of particles or bodies when they are at rest or in motion is dealt with?

    Ans : Mechanics
  • 54 Mechanics is divided into two, they are?

    Ans : Statics & Dynamics
  • 55 The study of objects of-rest is called?

    Ans : Statics
  • 56 The study of moving objects is called?

    Ans : Dynamics
  • 57 The product of mass and velocity of a body?

    Ans : Momentum [P= mv [m=Mass; v=velocity]
  • 58 Unit of Momentum is?

    Ans : kg m/s
  • 59 A Karate player in order to break a brick hits quickly because of?

    Ans : Momentum
  • 60 Issac Newton propounded his law of motion is his book?

    Ans : Principia Mathematica

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