Physics (Objective) (Pages :44)

  • 91 Force acts when two bodies role one another?

    Ans : Rolling friction
  • 92 Force of attraction between unlike molecules is termed as?

    Ans : Adhesion
  • 93 Water drop sticks on glass surface is an example of ….force?

    Ans : Adhesion
  • 94 Force of attraction between like molecules is termed as?

    Ans : Cohesion
  • 95 Water molecules join together is an example of ….force?

    Ans : Cohesion
  • 96 Frictional force acting between parallel layers of a liquid is called?

    Ans : Viscosity
  • 97 Unit of viscosity is?

    Ans : Poise
  • 98 With increase in temperature, viscosity .?

    Ans : Decreases
  • 99 Viscosity of gas is less than viscosity of?

    Ans : Liquid
  • 100 Viscosity of an ideal fluid is?

    Ans : Zero
  • 101 Liquids having low viscosity are called?

    Ans : Mobile liquids eg : Water; Kerosene; Alcohol; Petro
  • 102 Fluids flow with zero viscosity is called?

    Ans : Super fluids eg : Honey; Coaltar; Glycerine etc
  • 103 The property of a liquid by which the free surface of liquid acts like a stretched membrane?

    Ans : Surface tension
  • 104 Surface tension is caused due to?

    Ans : Unbalanced molecular cohesive force
  • 105 Surface tension is inversely proportional to temperature and?

    Ans : Pressure
  • 106 Surface tension of hot water is less than that of?

    Ans : Cold water
  • 107 Insects walking over the water surface can be explained by?

    Ans : Surface tension of water
  • 108 Spherical shape of rain drops can be explained by?

    Ans : Surface tension of water
  • 109 Capillary phenomenon is due to?

    Ans : surface tension
  • 110 Rise of water level in plants is due to?

    Ans : surface tension
  • 111 Ability of a body to return to its original shape is called?

    Ans : Elasticity
  • 112 The force per unit area is called?

    Ans : Pressure [Pressure = Force/Area]
  • 113 The SI Unit of pressure=?

    Ans : Pascal or N/m2
  • 114 Unit of thrust is?

    Ans : Newton
  • 115 CGS unit of thrust is?

    Ans : dyne /cm2
  • 116 Force acts more on objects having?

    Ans : Low Surface area
  • 117 Atmospheric pressure =….?

    Ans : 760mm of Mercury
  • 118 Unit of Atmospheric pressure?

    Ans : Bar 1 bar = 10^5 pascal
  • 119 Pressure at sea level is taken as the?

    Ans : Standard Atmospheric Pressure
  • 120 Barometer is used to calculate?

    Ans : Atmospheric Pressure

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