Physics (Objective) (Pages :44)

  • 121 The liquid used in Barometer?

    Ans : Mercury
  • 122 Sudden fall of mercury level in Barometer indicates?

    Ans : Storm
  • 123 Rising level of mercury in Barometer indicates?

    Ans : Calm climate
  • 124 Force of attraction between any two bodies in the universe is called?

    Ans : Gravitation
  • 125 Law of gravitation was discovered by?

    Ans : Sir Isaac Newton
  • 126 Weakest force in nature?

    Ans : Gravitational Force
  • 127 The force keeps the earth and other planetary objects in their orbits around the sun?

    Ans : Gravitational Force
  • 128 The acceleration with which the freely falling bodies are attracted towards the earth is called the?

    Ans : Acceleration due to gravity (g)
  • 129 Weight of freely falling body?

    Ans : Zero
  • 130 At the Center of earth Acceleration due to gravity (g) is?

    Ans : zero
  • 131 Acceleration due to gravity (g) is maximum at?

    Ans : polar regions
  • 132 Acceleration due to gravity (g) is minimum at?

    Ans : Equatorial regions
  • 133 Universal Law of Gravitation was put forward by?

    Ans : Sir Isaac Newton
  • 134 The 'g' is maximum on Jupiter and minimum on the planet?

    Ans : Mercury
  • 135 Astronaut cannot drink lemonade with the help of a straw because?

    Ans : There is no atmosphere on the moon
  • 136 Minimum speed which a body must have to escape from the earth's gravitational force is called?

    Ans : Escape Velocity
  • 137 Escape velocity of moon?

    Ans : 2.4 km/s
  • 138 Escape velocity of earth?

    Ans : 11.2km/s
  • 139 Escape velocity of planet Jupiter?

    Ans : 60km/s
  • 140 Escape velocity of planet Mercury?

    Ans : 4.2km/s
  • 141 Escape velocity of the planets increases with its?

    Ans : Mass
  • 142 Scientific study of light?

    Ans : Optics
  • 143 Light is an?

    Ans : Electromagnetic Wave &. Transverse wave;
  • 144 Light travels through air or vacuum at a speed of 3?

    Ans : x 108m/s
  • 145 Order of speed of light?

    Ans : water < glass.< air < vacuum
  • 146 Velocity of light is greater than the?

    Ans : Sound
  • 147 Light reaches earth from sun in?

    Ans : 8 minutes 20semnds (500 seconds)
  • 148 Substances which do not pass light through them are called?

    Ans : Opaque substances eg : paper; storie
  • 149 Substances which allow light to pass through them are called?

    Ans : Transparent substances eg : glass
  • 150 Wave theory of light was proposed by?

    Ans : Christian Huygens

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