Physics (Objective) (Pages :44)

  • 181 Subtractive colour mixing is used in?

    Ans : Pigments
  • 182 For printing, colour pigments used are?

    Ans : Yellow; Magenta; Cyan
  • 183 The light rays consist of small energy packets called?

    Ans : Quantum
  • 184 Quantum of light is known as?

    Ans : Photon
  • 185 Quantum Theory was put forward by?

    Ans : Max Planck
  • 186 Absorption of light of one wave length by a substance and the re-emission of light of greater wavelength is called?

    Ans : Fluorescence
  • 187 Emission of light in the visible region after absorbing certain electromagnetic radiations is called?

    Ans : Photoluminescence
  • 188 Photoelectric Effect was proposed by?

    Ans : Heinrich Hertz
  • 189 Photoelectric Effect was explained by?

    Ans : Albert Einstein
  • 190 For his explanation of Photoelectric Effect, he got Nobel prize for Physics in?

    Ans : 1921
  • 191 The Law of Photoelectric Effect was formulated by?

    Ans : Albert Einstein
  • 192 The working principle of solar cells?

    Ans : Photoelectric Effect
  • 193 When a ray of light falls on a smooth surface and returns to the same medium, it is called?

    Ans : Reflection of light
  • 194 An object which reflects all colours appears as?

    Ans : White
  • 195 An object which absorbs all colours appears as?

    Ans : Black
  • 196 The bending of light when a ray of light travels from one medium to another is called.?

    Ans : Refraction
  • 197 Snell's law is related with?

    Ans : Refraction
  • 198 Twinkling of stars is due to?

    Ans : Refraction of light
  • 199 A pond looks shallow is due to?

    Ans : Refraction of light
  • 200 Stick appears to be bended, when immersed in water is due to?

    Ans : Refraction of light
  • 201 Early sunrise and late sunset is due to?

    Ans : Refraction of light
  • 202 Mirage is due to?

    Ans : Refraction of light
  • 203 Due to change of medium the phase velocity of the wave is changed but its frequency remains?

    Ans : Constant
  • 204 Fatamorgana is a term associated with?

    Ans : Mirage
  • 205 The measure of optical density of the medium is?

    Ans : Refractive index
  • 206 Refractive index of a medium is calculated by?

    Ans : Speed of light in vacuum/Speed of light in medium$
  • 207 Refractive index of water is?

    Ans : 1.33
  • 208 Refractive index of vacuum is?

    Ans : 1
  • 209 Refractive index of ice is?

    Ans : 1.31
  • 210 Refractive index of diamond is?

    Ans : 2.42

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