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  • 121 The period when man began to use iron is known as?

    Ans : Iron Age
  • 122 Majority of modem Human race' belonged to which race ?

    Ans : Mongloid race
  • 123 People lived in Ancient Egypt beionged to which race?

    Ans : Hemitic race
  • 124 Ancient Babilonians; Hebrews; Phoenesians; Arabs etc belonged to which race ?

    Ans : Semitic race
  • 125 Semitic; Hemitic and Indo-Europeans are the subgroups of which race ?

    Ans : Caucasoid race
  • 126 The early writing of the Egyptians were known as ?

    Ans : Hieroglyphics
  • 127 Which race is considered as the originators of the modem pattern of writing?

    Ans : Phoeniseans
  • 128 Sumerian civilisation flourished on the banks of which rivers?

    Ans : Euphrates and Tigris
  • 129 Sumerian civilisation later came to be known as ?

    Ans : Mesopotamian civilisation
  • 130 The word Mesopotamia means?

    Ans : Land between rivers
  • 131 The area where Mesopotamian civilisation existed belonged to is now in ?

    Ans : Iraq
  • 132 The northern part of Mesopotamia was famously known as ?

    Ans : Assiria
  • 133 The southern part of Mesopotamia was famously was known ?

    Ans : Babilonia
  • 134 The first dynasty in the world was established at ?

    Ans : Ur in Sumeriain 3000BC
  • 135 The Sumerian Empire declined towards BC2650 due to the attack of ?

    Ans : The Accadians
  • 136 The chief architect of the Acadian empire was?

    Ans : Sargon
  • 137 Dungi was the most important ruler of the?

    Ans : Sumerians
  • 138 The writing system of the Sumerians was known as?

    Ans : Cunieform
  • 139 Which civilization invented wheel and glassware?

    Ans : The Mesopotamians
  • 140 Which civilization is considered to be the world's first urban civilisation ?

    Ans : Mesopotamian civilization
  • 141 Which civilization was the first to use Phonetic writing ?

    Ans : Egyptians
  • 142 Which civilization discovered the system of Geometry ?

    Ans : Mesopotamians
  • 143 Which civilization discovered the use of Lunar Calendar based on the Moon ?

    Ans : The Sumerians
  • 144 The major God of The Sumerians was ?

    Ans : The Sky God' Anu'
  • 145 Who were the first to invent the system of Multiplication?

    Ans : Mesopotamians
  • 146 Who is known as the founder of Early Babilonian Empire?

    Ans : Hammurabi
  • 147 Who was the first in the world to introduce a Code of Conduct to the people?

    Ans : Hammurabi (to the Mesopotamians)
  • 148 Which civilization invented water clock and sundial to know the time ?

    Ans : Babilonian civilization
  • 149 Which civilization were credited for the invention of the system of dividing a circle into 360 degrees?

    Ans : Assirians
  • 150 Which civilisation is also known as the'melting pot of civilisation' ?

    Ans : Mesopotamian civilisation

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