First in the World

First in the World

First European to attack India

     :  Alexander, The Great

The first woman to cross seven important seas of the world by swimming

     :  Bula Chaudhury (India)

The first woman of the world to climb Mt. Everest four times

     :  Lakpa Sherpa (Nepali)

The first woman Chancellor of Germany

     :  Angela Merkel

The first woman athlete to touch 5.0 meter mark in pole vault

     :  Ms. Yelena Isinbayeva

The first South African to become the second space tourist

     :  Mark Shuttleworth

The first Muslim woman to receive Nobel Prize

     :  Shirin Ebadi (Nobel Peace Prize 2003)

The first double amputee to scale Mt. Everest

     :  Mark Inglis (May 15, 2006)

The first blind man to scale Mt. Everest

     :  Erik Weihenmayer (USA, May 25, 2001)

President of the Chinese Republic

     :  Dr. Sun Yat Sen

Man to walk in Space

     :  Alexei Leonov

Lady to climb Mount Everest

     :  Junko Taibei

First woman to climb Mount Everest

     :  Mrs. Junko Tabei (Japan)

First woman Prime Minister of England

     :  Margaret Thatcher

First woman Prime Minister of a country

     :  Mrs. S. Bandaranaike (Sri Lanka)

First woman President of the U.N. General Assembly

     :  Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

First woman cosmonaut of the world

     :  Velentina Tereshkova (Russia)

First U.S. President to resign Presidency

     :  Richard Nixon

First State President of South Africa

     :  Charles Robberts Swart

First spacecraft to reach on Mars

     :  Viking—I

First shuttle to go in space

     :  Columbia

First Prime Minister of Pakistan

     :  Liaqat Ali

First Prime Minister of Israel

     :  David Ben-Gurion

First Prime Minister of England

     :  Robert Walpole

First Prime Minister of Bangladesh

     :  Sheikh Mujibar Rehman

First Prime Minister of Australia

     :  Sir Edmunton Barton

First President of United States of America

     :  George Washington

First President of Russia

     :  Boris Yelstin

First President of Nepal

     :  Ram Baran Yadav

First person to sail round the world

     :  Ferdinand Magellan

First person to reach South Pole

     :  Amundsen

First person to reach North Pole

     :  Robert Peary

First person to land on the moon

     :  Neil Armstrong followed by Edwin E. Aldrin

First person to fly aeroplane

     :  Wright Brothers

First Muslim Prime Minister of a country

     :  Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan)

First man to have climbed Mount Everest Twice

     :  Nawang Gombu

First man to fly into space

     :  Yuri Gagarin (Russia)

First Governor General of the United Nations

     :  Trigveli (Norway)

First Governor General of Pakistan

     :  Mohammed. Ali Jinnah

First European to reach China

     :  Marco Polo

First country to win football World cup

     :  Uruguay

First country to print book

     :  China

First country to prepare a constitution

     :  U.S.A.

First country to launch Artificial satellite in the space

     :  Russia

First country to issue paper currency

     :  China

First country to host the modern Olympics

     :  Greece

First country to host NAM summit

     :  Belgrade (Yugoslavia)

First country to commence competitive examination in civil services

     :  China

First city on which the atom bomb was dropped

     :  Hiroshima (Japan)

First batsman to score three test century in three successive tests on debut

     :  Mohammed. Azharuddin

China's first man in space

     :  Yang Liwei

Chairman of Peoples Republic of China

     :  Mao-Tse-Tung

 First person to climb Mount Everest

     :  Sherpa Tenzing, Edmund Hillary



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