Geographical Epithets

Geographical Epithets of the World

Yellow River

           :  Hwang Ho (China)

Workshop of Europe

           :  Belgium

Windy City

           :  Chicago

White City

           :  Belgrade

Venice of the North

           :  Stockholm

Venice of the East

           :  Bangkok

Sugar Bowl of the world

           :  Cuba

Sick man of Europe

           :  Turkey

Roof of the World

           :  The pamirs (Tibet)

River in the Sea

           :  Gulf Stream

Queen of the Adriatic

           :  Venice

Quaker City

           :  Philadelphia

Play Ground of Europe

           :  Switzerland

Pillars of Hercules

           :  Straits of Gibraltar

Manchester of Japan

           :  Osaka (Japan)

Loneliest Island

           :  Tristan De kunha (Mid. Atlantic)

Land of White Elephant

           :  Thailand

Land of Thunderbolt

           :  Bhutan

Land of Thousand Lakes

           :  Finland

Land of Thousand Elephants

           :  Laos

Land of Setting Sun

           :  United Kingdom

Land of Rising Sun

           :  Japan

Land of Morning Calm

           :  Korea

Land of Midnight Sun

           :  Norway

Land of Maple

           :  Canada

Land of Lilies

           :  Canada

Land of Lakes

           :  Scotland

Land of Kangaroo

           :  Australia

Land of Golden Pagoda

           :  Myanmar

Land of Golden Fleece

           :  Australia

Land of Five Seas

           :  South West Asia

Key to Mediterranean

           :  Gibraltar

Kashmir of Europe

           :  Switzerland

Islands of Sunshine

           :  West Indies

Island of Pearls

           :  Bahrain (Persian Gulf)

Island of Cloves

           :  Zanzibar

Island Continent

           :  Australia

Human Equator of the Earth

           :  Himalayas

Holy Land

           :  Palestine

Herring Pond

           :  Atlantic Ocean

Hermit Kingdom

           :  Korea

Hanging Valleys

           :  Valley of Switzerland

Granite City

           :  Aberdeen

Golden City

           :  Johannesburg

Gift of Nile

           :  Egypt

Gibraltar of Indian Ocean

           :  Aden

Gate of tears

           :  Strait of bab-el-Mandeb

Garden of England

           :  Kent (England)

Garden in the desert

           :  Ethiopia

Garden City

           :  Chicago

Forbidden City

           :  Lhasa (Tibet)

Eternal City of Hopes

           :  Rome, Italy

Empire City

           :  New York

Emerald Isle

           :  Ireland

Dark Continent

           :  Africa

Cockpit of Europe

           :  Belgium

City of Skyscrapers

           :  New York (USA)

City of Seven Hills

           :  Rome (Italy)

City of Quiet thoroughfares

           :  Venice

City of Magnificent Buildings

           :  Washington (USA)

City of Golden Gate

           :  San Francisco (USA)

City of Flowers

           :  Cape Town (S.Africa)

City of Eternal Springs

           :  Quito (S.America)

City of Dreaming Spires

           :  Oxford (England)

China’s Sorrow

           :  River Hwang Ho

Britain of the South

           :  New Zealand

America’s Motor City

           :  Detroit



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