Important Abbreviations

Important Abreviations

AEPS                Aadhaar Enabled Payments Switch

ABPS                Aadhaar Payment Bridge System

AIDS                 Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

ATP                   Adenosine Tri Phosphate

AIL                     Aeronautics India Limited

ANC                  African National Congress

AAI                    Airport Authority of India

ALGOL             Algorithmic Language

AICC                 All India Congress Committee

AICTE               All India Council of Technical Education

AIIMS                All India Institute of Medical Sciences

AIR                    All India Radio (Broadcasting)

AITUC              All India Trade Union Congress

AC                     Alternate Current OR Air Conditioner

AAFI                  Amateur Athletics Federation of India

ASCII                American Standard Code for Information Interchange

Amp                  Ampere

AD                     Ano Domini (After the birth of Jesus)

ABM                  Anti Ballistic Missile

AM                     Anti Meridian (Before Noon)

ADH                  Anti-diuretic Hormone

AML                  Anti-Money Laundering

ASI                    Archaeological Survey of India

APSC                Army Postal Services Core

Al                       Artificial intelligence

APEC                Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation

ADB                  Asian Development Bank.

ASSOCHAM    Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (India)

ASEAN             Association of South East Asian Nations

AEC                  Atomic Energy Commission

AMU                  Atomic Mass Unit

ASLV                Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle

ATM                  Automated Teller Machine

BAMS               Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

BDS                  Bachelor Of Dental Surgery/ Bomb Disposal Squad

LLB                   Bachelor of Law

MBBS               Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

B Pharma        Bachelor of Pharmacy

B.Tech             Bachelor of Technology

BCG                  Bacillus Calmette Guerin (Anti TB Vaccine)

BIMSTEC        Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand Economic Cooperation

BCBS               Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

BIOS                 Basic Input Output System

BE                     Batchelor of Engineering

BMW                 Baverian Motor Works

BC                     Before Christ

BASIC              Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

BENELUX       Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg

BARC               Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

BBPS               Bharat Bill Payment System

BEL                   Bharat Electronics Limited

BHEL                Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

BHIM                 Bharat Interface for Money

BSNL                Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

BINAC              Binary Automatic Computer

Bit                      Binary Digit

BCC                  Blind Carbon Copy

BCCI                 Board of Control for Cricket in India

BSE                  Bombay Stock Exchange

BSF                   Border Security Force

BBC                  British Broadcasting Corporation

BIS                    Bureau of Indian Standards

Cal                     Calorie

CC                     Carbon Copy

CVV                  Card Verification Value

CRR                  Cash Reserve Ratio

CRT                  Cathode Ray Tube

CBI                    Central Bureau of Investigation

CDRI                 Central Drug Research Institute

CISF                  Central Industrial Security Force

CPRI                 Central Power Research Institute

CPU                  Central Processing Unit

CRPF                Central Reserve Police Force

CSO                  Central Statistical Organisation

CVC                  Central Vigilance Commission, Central Venous Catheter

CBSE               Central. Board of Secondary Education

C-DAC              Centre For Development of Advance Computing

CA                     Chartered Accountant

CMO                  Chief Medical Officer

CFC                  Chloro Fluoro Carbon

CDMA               Code Division Multiple Access

CAD                  Command Area Development

CAT                  Common Admission Test

COBOL            Common Business Oriented Language

CLAT                Common Law Admission Test (Started May 2008)

CHOGM            Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

CIS                    Commonwealth of Independent States

COMSAT         Communications Satellite Corporation

CDROM            Compact Disc Read Only Memory

CD-ROM          Compact Disc Read-Only Memory

CDR                  Compact Disc Recordable

CDR/W             Compact Disc Rewritable

CD                     Compact Disc/ Civil Defence/ Community Development

CDR/W             Compact Disk Read/Write

CTBT               Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

CNG                  Compressed Natural Gas

CAG                  Comptroller and Auditor General

CT-Scan          Computerised Axial Tomography Scanning

CTS                  Computerised Tomography Scanner

COFEPOSA    Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Act

CSIR                 Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

CIBIL                Credit Information Bureau of India Limited

CRISIL              Credit Rating Information Services Of India

CID                    Criminal Investigation Department

DBMS               Data Base Management System

DRDO               Defence Research and Development Organisation

DDT                  Dichloro Diphenyle Tri-chloroethane

DFDR               'Digital Flight Data Recorder (Black box)'

DVD                  Digital Versatile Disk

DVR                  Digital Video Recorder

DNA                  Di-oxyribo-Nucleic Acid

DTH                  Direct to Home

DOS                  Disk Operating System

D. Lit.                Doctor of Literature

MD                     Doctor of Medicine

DNS                  Domain Name System

DTAA                Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement

DPAP                Drought Prone Area Programme

DVDROM         DVD Read Only Memory

DVDR               DVD Recordable

DVDRW           DVD Rewritable

EEPROM         Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

ECG                  Electro Cardiogram

EEG                  Electro Encephalogram

ECS                  Electronic Clearing Service

e-Commerce   Electronic Commerce

EVM                  Electronic Voting Machine

ELISA               Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay

EPROM            Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

ESMA               Essential Services Maintenance Act

EEC                  European Economic Community

ESA                   European Space Agency

EPZ                   Export Processing Zone

EXIM Bank      Export-Import Bank of India

ECCS               Express Cheque Clearing System

XHTML             Extensible Hyper text Markup Language

XML                  Extensible Markup language

FBTR                Fast Breeder Test Reactor

FBI                    Federal Bureau of Investigation (USA)

FICCI                Federation of India Chambers of Commerce and Industry

FRS                   Fellow of the Royal Society

FAT                   File Allocation Table

FTP                   File Transfer Protocol

FIR                    First Information Report

FDR                  Flight Data Recorder (Black Box)

FDD                  Floppy Disk Drive

FAO                   Food and Agriculture Organisation

FDI                    Foreign Direct Investment

FEMA                Foreign Exchange Management Act

FERA                Foreign Exchange Regulation Act

FII                      Foreign Institutional Investor

FTZ                   Free Trade Zone

FM                     Frequency Modulation

GAIL                  Gas Authority of India Limited

GATT                General Agreement on Tariff and Trade

GIC                    General Insurance Corporation

GPRS               General Packet Radio Services

GPF                   General Provident Fund

Gb                     Gigabit

GHz                   Gigahertz

GPS                  Global Positioning System

GSM                  Global System for Mobile Communication

GST                  Goods And Service Tax

GSTN               Goods and Services Network

GIF                    Graphics Interchange Format

GMT                  Greenwich Mean Time

GDP                  Gross Domestic Product

GNP                  Gross National Product

HDD                  Hard Disk Drive

HP                     Hewlett Packard

HAL                   Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

HMT                  Hindustan Machine Tools

HUDCO            Housing and Urban Development Corporation

HDFC               Housing Development Finance Corporation

HDI                    Human Development Index

HIV                    Human Immuno-deficiency Virus

HTML               Hyper Text Mark up Language

HTTP                Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

IMPS                 Immediate Payment Service

IAS                    Indian Administrative Service

ICSE                 Indian Certificate for Secondary Education

ICAR                 Indian Council of Agricultural Research

IFSC                  Indian Financial System Code

IFS                     Indian Foreign Service

IIPA                   Indian Institute of Public Administration

IIS                      Indian Institute of Sciences

IIT                      Indian Institute of Technology

INA                    Indian National Army

INSAT               Indian National Satellite System

INTUC              Indian National Trade Union Congress

IPC                    Indian Penal Code

IPL                     Indian Premier League

ISRO                 Indian Space Research Organisation

ISB                    Indian Standard Bureau

IST                    Indian Standard Time

ITDC                 Indian Tourism Development Corporation

ITBP                 Indo-Tibet Border Police

ICICI                  Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited

IDBI                   Industrial Development Bank of India

ITI                      Industrial Training Institute

IPO                    Initial Public Offering

IM                       Instant Message

IRDA                 Insurance Regulatory Development Authority

IC                       Integrated Circuit/ Intelligence Corps

IB                       Intelligence Bureau

IQ                       Intelligence Quotient

ICBM                 Inter Continental Ballistic Missile

IAAI                   International Airport Authority of India

IAEA                  International Atomic Energy Agency

IBRD                 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank)

IBM                    International Business Machine

ICFTU               International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

ICJ                     International Court of Justice

ICC                    International Cricket Council

IDA                    International Development Agency

IEA                    International Energy Agency

IFFI                    International Film Festival of India

ILO                    International Labour Organisation

IMO                    International Maritime Organisation

IMF                    International Monetary Fund

INTERPOL      International Police Organisation

IRC                    International Red Cross

IUCN                 International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resource

ISP                    Internet Services Provider

ICRA                 Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India Limited

JPEG                Joint Photography Expert Group

KANUPP          Karachi Nuclear Power Plant

KANU               Kenya African National Union

KV                     Kilo Volt

KWh                  Kilo Watt Hour

Kb                     Kilobit

Kbps                 Kilobit Per Second

kHz                    Kilohertz

kW                     Kilowatt

KYC                  Know Your Customer

LTTE                Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam

LIC                    Life Insurance Corporation of India

LASER             Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission of Radiation

LED                   Light emitting Diode

LPG                   Liquefied Petroleum Gas

LCD                  Liquid Crystal Display

LAN                   Local Area Network

MRF                  Madras Rubber Factory

MICR                 Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

MRI                    Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MISA                 Maintenance of Internal Security Act

MBA                  Master of Business Administration

LLM                   Master of Law

MCAT               Medical Colleges Admission Test

Mb                     Megabit

MW                    Megawatt

MLA                  Member of Legislative Assembly

MLC                  Member of Legislative Council

MAN                  Metropolitan Area Network

MSN                  Microsoft Network

MASER            Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

MEC                  Military Engineering Service

MI                       Military Intelligence

MIPS                 Million Instructions Per Second

MNP                  Mobile Number Probability

MPEG               Moving Picture Experts Groups

MNC                  Multi National Corporation

MMS                  Multimedia Message Service

NASA                National Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA)

NAFED             National Agricultural and Marketing Federation

NASDAQ          National Association of Security Dealer's Automated Quotation

NASSCOM      National Association of Software & Service Companies

NABARD         National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development

NCW                 National Commission for Women

NCERT            National Council of Educational Research & Training

NDA                  National Defence Academy

NEFT                National Electronic Funds Transfer System

NHRC               National Human Rights Commission

NIC                    National Informatic Centre

NPS                  National Pensions System

NPR                  National Population Register

NREP               National Rural Employment Programme

NSSO               National Sample Survey Organisation

NSE                  National Stock Exchange

NTPC               National Thermal Power Corporation

NPV                  Net Present Value

NAFTA             North American Free Trade Agreement

NATO               North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

NEFA                North-East Frontier Agency

ONGC               Oil and Natural Gas Commission

OIL                    Oil India Limited

OTP                  One-Time Password

OGL                  Open General Licence

OSS                  Open Source Software

OCR                  Optical Character Readers

OMR                  Optical Mark Reader

OAU                  Organisation of African Unity

OIC                    Organisation of Islamic Conference

OPEC               Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries

PAN                  Permanent Account Number

PC                     Personal Computer

PTO                  Please Turn Over

PDF                   Portable Document Format

PIN                    Postal lndex Number

PTI                    Press Trust of India

POTA                Prevention of Terrorism Act

QR Code          Quick Response Code

RADAR            Radio Angle Direction and Range

RGB                  Red Green Blue

RDX                  Research Department Explosive

SARFAESI       Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest

SMTP               Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SIDBI                Small Industries Development Bank of India

SPCA                Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals

SONAR            Sound Navigation And Ranging

SAARC             South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

SAPTA             South Asian Preferential Trade Arrangement

SWAPO            South West African People's Organisation

SCERT             State Council of Education for Research and Training

SAIL                  Steel Authority of India Limited

SQL                   Structured Query Language

STD                  Subscribers Trunk Dialing

SIP                    Systematic Investment Plans

TDS                  Tax Deducted at Source

TRAI                 Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

TOEFL             Test of English as a Foreign Language

TCP                  Transmission Control Protocol

TCPIP               Transmission Control Protocol InternetProtocol

UPI                    Unified Payments Interface

UPS                  Uninterrupted Power Supply

UPSC               Union Public Service Commission

UNIX                 Uniplexed Information And ComputerSystems

UPIN                 Unique Property Identification Numbers

UTI                    Unit Trust of India

UNCTAD         United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

UNDP               United Nations Development Programme

UNESCO         United Nations Economic Social and Cultural Organisation

UNEF                United Nations Emergency Force

UNEP               United Nations Environment Programme

UNFPA             United Nations for Population Activities

UNHCR            United Nations High Commission for Refugees

UNICEF            United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund

UNO                  United Nations Organisation

UNI                    United News of India

UNIVAC           Universal Automatic Computer

UGC                  University Grants Commission

UTP                  Unshielded Twisted Pair

VAT                   Value Added Tax

VPP                   Value Payable Post

VHF                   Very High Frequency

VIP                    Very Important Person

VLSI                  Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits

VLIW                 Very Long Instruction Words

VC                     Vice-Chancellor / Victoria Cross

VCD                  Video Compact Disc

VGA                  Video Graphics Array

VHS                  Video Home System

VRAM               Video Random Access Memory

VSNL                Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited

VSSC                Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre

VAN                  Virtual Area Network

VXD                  Virtual Device Driver

VPA                   Virtual Payment Address

VPN                  Virtual Private Network

VDU                  Visual Display Unit

VS                     Visual Studio

VIRUS              Vital Information Resources Under Siege

VDIS                 Voluntary Disclosure of Income Scheme

VRS                  Voluntary Retirement Scheme

WAPDA            Water And Power Development Authority

WDM                 Wave Division Multiplexing

WMA                 Ways and Means Advances

WMD                 Weapons Of Mass Destruction

WIPRO             Western Indian Vegetable Products Ltd

WL ATM           White Label ATM

WPI                   Wholesale Price Index

WAIS                 Wide Area Information Servers

WAN                 Wide Area Network

WAP                  Wireless Application Protocol

Wi-Fi                 Wireless Fidelity

WILL                 Wireless in Local Loop

WLAN               Wireless Local Area Network

WLL                  Wireless Local Loop

WEF                  World Economic Forum

WHO                 World Health Organisation

WMO                 World Meteorological Organisation

WTO                 World Trade Organisation

WWW                World Wide Web

W3C                  World Wide Web Consortium

WWF                 World Wild Life Fund

WORM              Write Once Read Many

YTM                  Yield to Maturity

YMIA                 Young Men’s Indian Association

YMCA               Young Men's Christians Association

YWCA               Young Women's Christians Association

ZPG                   Zero Population Growth

ZSI                     Zoological Survey of India



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