Scientific Instruments and & Usage

List of Scientific Instruments and their Usage
Wavemeter To measure the wavelength of a radio wave (high frequency waves)
Wattmeter To measure the power of an electric circuit
Voltmeter It measures the electric potential difference between two points.
Viscometer It measures the viscosity of liquids.
Vernier An adjustable scale for measuring small subdivisions of scale
Venturimeter Measures' flow of liquid
Udometer It is used to measure the amount of liquid precipitation over a set period of time. It is also called Rain Gauge.
Transponder To receive a signal and transmit a reply automatically
Transmitter Used for broadcasting radio waves
Transistor A small device which may be used to amplify currents and perform other functions usually performed by a thermionic valve
Transformer An apparatus used for converting high voltage to low and vice-versa without change in its frequency
Transducer It converts sound signals into electrical signals and vice versa
Tonometer Measures pitch of sound
Thermostat It regulates the temperature at a particular point.
Thermoscope is used for measuring the temperature change (approximately) of the substance by noting the corresponding change in volume.
Thermometer This instrument is used for the measurement of temperatures.
Theodolite It measures horizontal and vertical angles.
Telstar is an instrument used for transmitting wireless and television broadcasts across continents via space.
Telescope It views distant objects in space.
Teleprinter This instrument receives and sends typed messages from one place to another.
Telemeter Records physical happenings at a distant place(space)
Technometer Measures speed of rotation
Tape Recorder is an apparatus which records and reproduces sound by using magnetic tapes.
Tangent galvanometer Measure the amount of direct current (DC)
Tachometer An instrument used in measuring speeds of aero planes and motor boats.
Stroboscope It is used to view rapidly moving objects.
Stethoscope An instrument which is used by the doctors to hear and analyse heart and lung sounds.
Stereoscope It is used to view two dimensional pictures.
Spring Balance is used to measure the mass of a body. It is preferred only when quick but approximate determinations are to be carried out.
Sphygmomanometer It measures blood pressure.
Spherometer It measures the curvatures of surfaces.
Speedometer It is an instrument placed in a vehicle to record its speed.
Spectroscope An instrument used for spectrum analysis
Spectrometer It is an instrument for measuring the energy distribution of a particular type of radiation.
Sonography (Ultrasound scanning) To' scan and diagnose conditions in kidneys, liver and the heart (echocardiogram)
Siesmograph Used for recording the intensity and origin of earthquakes shocks.
Sextant This is used by navigators to find the latitude of a place by measuring the elevation above the horizon of the sun or another star.
Seismograph It measures the intensity of earthquake shocks.
Salinometer It determines salinity of solution.
Saccharimeter It measures the amount of sugar in the solution.
Rheostat Adjustable resistor (used in applications that require adjustment of current or varying of resistance). .
Resistor Regulates the flow of electrical current in an electrical circuit.
Repeater is a device that receives signals in one circuit and automatically delivers corresponding signals to one or more circuits.
Refractometer It measures refractive index.
Rectifier An instrument used for the conversion of AC into DC.
Rain Gauge An apparatus for recording rainfall at a particular place.
Radiometer It measures the emission of radiant energy.
Radio Micrometer is an instrument for measuring heat radiations.
Radar Radio, angle, detection and range is used to detect the direction and range of an approaching aeroplane by means of radio micro waves
Quartz Clock A highly accurate clock used in astronomical observations and other precision work
Quadrant Measures altitudes and angles in navigation and astronomy
Pyrometers are thermometers to measure high temperatures.
Pyrometer It measures very high temperature.
Pyrheliometer Used for measuring Solar radiation.
Pyranometer Measures solar radiation
Pyknometer is an instrument used to measure the density and co-efficient of expansion of liquid.
Potentiometer It is used for comparing electromotive force of cells.
Polygraph It simultaneously records changed in physiological processes such as heartbeat, blood pressure & the respiration (used as lie detector)
Planimeter is a mechanical integrating instrument to measure area of a plane surface.
Photometer The instrument compares the luminous intensity of the source of light
Phonograph An instrument for producing sound.
Phonogram A machine used to reproduce sound
Periscope It is used to view objects above sea level (used in sub-marines)
Otoscope Used for visual examination of the eardrum.
Oscilloscope An electric instrument used for the graphical visualization of sound intensities
Oscillator Converts DC in to AC
Optometer Used for testing the refractive power of the eye.
Ondometer Measures the frequency of electromagnetic waves(radio waves)
Ohmmeter To reasure electrical resistance in Ohms
Odometer An instrument by which the distance covered by wheeled vehicles is measured.
Nephetometer Measures the scattering of light by particles suspended in a liquid
Mieroscope is an instrument for magnified view of very small objects.
Microscope It is used to obtain magnified view of small objects.
Microphone It converts the sound waves into electrical vibrations and to magnify the sound.
Micrometer Coverts sound waves into electrical vibration
Megaphone is an instrument for carrying sound to long distances.
Mariner's Compass is an apparatus for determining direction, graduated to indicate 33 directions. The ''N'' poInt on the dial indicates north pole and the "S" point, south pole.
Manometer It measures the pressure of gases.
Magnetometer is an instrument used to compare the magnetic moments and fields.
Machmeter Determines the speed of an aircraft relative to the speed of sound
List of Scientific Instruments & Usage  
Lactometer It determines the purity of milk.
Kymopph is an instrument for recording variations in pressure, for example, fur sound-waves.
Kymograph It graphically records physiological movements (Blood pressure and heart beat).
Kaleidoscope An instrument for presenting the pattern of colours with pieces of glass
Inverter Used to convert DC into AC
Incubator is a box designed to maintain a constant internal temperature used for rearing chickens and prematurely-born infants.
Inclinometer is an instrument for measuring the angle of inclination that an aircraft makes with the horizontal.
Hypsometer Measure the boiling point of liquids,
Hygroscope Shows the changes in atmospheric humidity
Hygrometer It measures humidity in air.
Hydroscope is an optical instrument used for seeing objects below the surface of water.
Hydrophone It measures sound under water.
Hydrometer It measures the specific gravity of liquids.
Gyroscope Used to measure dynamics of rotating bodies
Gramaphone An instrument for the recording and reproduction of sound
Gauss meter .Used to measure magnetization and the direction of magnetic field
Galvanometer It measures the electric current of low magnitude.
Fluxmeter Measures magnetic flux
Fathometer It measures the depth of the ocean.
Eudiometer A glass tube for measuring volume changes in chemical reactions between gases.
Endoscope It examines internal parts of the body.
Electroscope It detects presence of an electric charge.
Electrophorus is an instrument for gen static electricity by induction.
Electron microscope Used to obtain a magnifying view of very small objects (20,000 times).
Electrometer Measures very small but potential difference in electric currents
Electroencephalograph (EEG) is an instrument used for recording change in electric potential in various areas of the brain by means of electrodes on the scalp or in the brain itself
Electrocardiograph (ECG) is an instrument used for detection of electric impulses of the heart. It gives a graphic picture of heart beats.
Electro dynamometer Measures current, voltage or power in both DC and AC circuits
Electricity meter Measures electrical energy
Ecosounder To measure the depth of sea
Dynamometer It measures force, torque and power
Dynamo It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
Dilatometer Used for measuring the volume change caused by chemical or physical process
Dictaphone is a machine which first records what is spoken into it and then reproduces it in type.
Cyclotron A charged particle accelerator which can accelerate charged particles to high energies.
Cryometer Measurement of low temperature.
Crescograph Used for measuring growth in plants.
Commutator An instrument to change or remove the direction of an electric current, in dynamo used to convert alternating current into direct current.
Colorimeter An instrument for comparing intensities of colour.
Clinical Thermometer is a thermometer for measuring the temperature of human body.
Cinematograph Used for projecting pictures on the screen.
Chronometer It determines the longitude of a place kept onboard ship.
Cathetometer Determines heights and levels
Cardiogram(ECG) Traces movements of the heart ,recorded on a Cardiograph
Carburettor It is used in an internal combustion engine for charging air with petrol vapour.
Calorimeter It measures quantity of heat.
Callipers Measures diameters of thin cylinder/wire.
Bolometer It measures heat radiation
Binoculars An optical instrument used for magnified view of distant objects.
Barometer It measures atmospheric pressure.
Barograph It is used for continuous recording of atmospheric pressure.
Audiphones It is used for improving imperfect sense of hearing.
Audiometer It measures intensity of sound.
Anemometer It measures force and velocity of wind.
Amplifier Helps to increase the strength of electric signals
Ammeter It measures strength of electric current (in amperes).
Altimeter It measures altitudes and is used in aircrafts.
Accumulator It is used to store electrical energy


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